Our Last Day

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Second Grade celebrates “everyone is a friend.” I will truly miss your children. Thank you for sharing them with me. I look forward to seeing them in the fall. Report cards will be mailed on Monday. You can visit your child’s 3rd grade teacher’s blog on June 17th to see the class list for your child. Also, watch for a school supply list on July 1st. Here are a few things to remember to do with your child this summer:

  • Xtramath for fact fluency practice (addition, subtraction & multiplication)
  • Raz-kids

Have a fantastic summer!

Second Grade Celebrates by Reading

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It was a fantastic day for second grade to celebrate our READING. The stamina was wonderful despite the distractions around them. They have really grown as readers. Tomorrow we will be getting autographs. If you have an old shirt that you would let them sign, please send/wear it. If you don’t have a shirt, they will have a paper to get signatures.

Dance & Dessert Day

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Second Graders continue to celebrate! We walked to What’s the Scoop to enjoy a delightful dessert and were dancing on the sidewalk to some wonderful tunes. It was a perfect day for dancing outside. Tomorrow we will be adding an extra Giggle to our day. The children do have homework today and will need to write a riddle or joke down to share with the class. Thank you for assisting us!

Second Grade Celebrates

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For the last eleven days of second grade, we are doing an activity or two that corresponds with each letter of “Second Grade!” Academics are still the focus of everyday, however, these activities are meant to add a little fun to the ending of our school year. We may need a few donations though. Here is our schedule of activities:

  • Silly Song Day
  • Extra Recess Day
  • Chalk Writing Day
  • Our letters to Third Graders
  • Nutty Name Day
  • Dance Party Dessert Day
  • Giggle and Joke Day
  • Reading Celebration Outside
  • Autograph T-Shirt Day
  • Doughnut & Field Day
  • Everyone is a Friend Day

If you would like to see their silly song/cheer, please click on the link:    Silly Song