Scavenger Hunt

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24 Hours remaining for our


Our third hunt of the year is designed to introduce silly things teachers do!  Your job is to hunt through all the blogs and find a silly teacher for each of these grades:

  1. A prek or kindergarten
  2. A 1st  grade teacher
  3. A 2nd grade teacher
  4. A 3rd grade teacher
  5. A 4th grade teacher
  6. A 5th grade teacher
  7. A special teacher


For those of you who have never participated, the rules are simple:

  • Search all the Georgetown blogs linked to this site.
  • Keep a list of blogs where you found your items.
  • When you have found all the items, submit your answers on the SCAVENGER HUNT ENTRY FORM.
  • Everyone who enters by December 5 will be included in the school wide drawing.
  • Student winner receives:  A Barnes & Noble Gift Card.  Winning class (those who have the most students participate in the scavenger hunt) will receive one hour of choice time.
  • All those that enter will be added to the Reading Counts Drawing (held on December 15)

Happy HUNTING!  And…Good Luck!

Thanksgiving Blog

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For those who follow our blog outside the United States, visit this excellent post about the history of Thanksgiving. And, for those of you who have not had a refresher course on this holiday,  you might find yourself learning some new facts to share around the Thanksgiving table later this week.  For those who think they know everything, test your turkey knowledge with this quiz.

If you find your family members are bored and in need of something to do, show them our blogs.  I added a new feature (the revolving globe to the right) that shows your location on the map as well as visitors from around the world.

And, to really spice up the family gathering, take your family on the BLOG SCAVENGER HUNT. This month we are sharing silly stories about silly things we have done in our lives.   Everyone is a winner in this contest.  Students will be entered in the Reading Counts drawing just for participating.  Other prizes will be offered too.

Hobby Scavenger Hunt

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Photography is a hobby of mine as is investigating nature. Long ago, I could even develop my own black and white photos at home. I love to spend time walking in the woods, taking pictures of things in nature. It is very relaxing and I often stumble upon some very interesting animals. I like to take my time by walking off of the path and quietly observing flowers, bugs, new growth and animals. There are times when you need to be extremely careful and watch where you step. I almost stepped on this newborn fawn. Did you know that a fawn is born without a scent so that preditors cannot easily locate it? Their cry sounds much like that of a baby. This was one of two fawns that I found during my walk. I also have pictures of a nymph as the dragonfly is hatching. Did you know that in the life cycle of a dragonfly the nymph stage can last for four years?

I hope that you have a wonderful time looking at everyone’s hobbies. Happy Hobby Hunting!

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