Writer’s Workshop Homework

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We started our unit on poetry. The kids are doing an amazing job thus far! We have been observing what poets do and what poets write about. Please bring in a small object that you can observe and write about. You could choose something because it is beautiful, makes you wonder, or amazes you. You could have a story about it or memory. It could even be something as simple as your favorite pair of mittens.

Just Write Week

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Thank you for joining us in our Just Write Celebration! The students are amazing writers and ready for third grade. I was extremely impressed with their confidence when reading in front of such a loved audience. They were so excited to see all of the support! Hopefully, you had a chance to look through the writing folder that came home on Friday to see the growth.

We enjoyed a week of sharing our masterpieces, reading our poems, observing other author’s published pieces and watching a skit performed by the teachers to celebrate Sarah Spears story.

Grade 2 skit: CAR WASH by Sarah Spears

Poetry Academy

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The entire class will be participating in Poetry Academy. The children will meet with our wonderful volunteers (Mrs. Tiesman, Mrs. Sitzema, or Mrs. Fellows) every Wednesday to pick a new poem and review last weeks poem. The children are encouraged to read it to at least 10 people during the week. This is will allow each student to focus on fluency, expression and confidence. This will open the door for our future unit in Writer’s Workshop. In the Spring, we will have a poetry reading in which parents or grandparents are invited to come.

If your child is interested in completing some additional activities for poetry, please explore the following sites:


http://www.jackprelutsky.com/flash/index.html (Click on the sun that says ENTER)