Outdoor Discovery Field Trip

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Our class will be traveling to the Outdoor Discovery Center on January 20th to study winter ecology by snowshoe! We are very excited to go on this field trip.  Our classes will be able to explore a natural area in winter on snowshoes with a naturalist. We will be able to experience habitats, adaptations, and predator and prey relationships.

Your child will need all of their warmest clothing (mittens, hats, snow pants, and snow boots along with a lunch from home.  We will be outside for the entire morning, so PLEASE DRESS WARM!!

If you are interested in chaperoning, we can take five chaperones per class for free, but unfortunately you will need to drive. We will randomly choose five parents for each class to attend for free. If you are not chosen, you are  welcome to join us, but will need to pay the $4.50 admission. We will leave the school at 9:00 and will depart about 1:00.  Please email me if you would like to come.

Please send $1.50 to school with your child by Thursday, January 13th.

Thank you PTC for covering the rest of the cost for us!

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Outdoor Discovery Center

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We had an amazing day and it really didn’t seem that cold. Some of the students favorite things to do were when they were able to pet the animals after lunch. They also liked to look at the elk and couldn’t believe that the large antlers fall off in spring. We also found out that a skink was a lizard. There were a few tumbles when snowshoeing but with teamwork we were able to get up. We also found out that the needles of the White Pine are in groups of 5 and you can eat them.