Study Island Homework

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We will not have a reading and fact log sent home this week. Please continue to read and practice your facts at home but enjoy your time with your family! Also, I do have an assignment on Study Island for your child. It is due on Sunday night and shouldn’t take them very long to complete.

If your child has forgotten how to log in, click on login for school (Picture of computer on the right side of screen…yellow):

  • Username is last name, first name (make sure to capitalize first letter of last & first name and add comma with space)
  • Password is GES

Please let me know if you have any concerns. Thank you!

Study Island Homework

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What is Study Island?

  •  Study Island is an online learning program designed to help your child practice our third grade learning objectives.
  •   This program will serve as our homework on occasion – thus eliminating the need for as many paper copies – and serving as a history of practice that is accessible to both parents and the teacher.

Fast Facts:

  •   Every student has his/her own username and password.
  •   The program is divided into sections based on subject.
  •   Each subject is made up of topics, each of which corresponds to a specific state standard.
  •   Each topic contains lessons, practice questions and explanations.
  •   Most topics are accompanied by a lesson which includes some brief information about the material covered by the questions in the topic.

How do I log in to Study Island?

  •   Go to and enter your username and password.

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How does my child use Study Island?

  •   After signing in on Study Island’s home page, click the subject tab on which you wish to work or check your student’s class page for assignments created by your child’s teacher.
  •   To pass a topic, your child must satisfy the topic’s passing goal which is based on a minimum number of questions answered and a minimum percentage correct. A blue ribbon is displayed next to all passed topics.
  •   Once your child has passed all of the topics in the subject, he or she will have to pass the Post Test for the subject. Ignore this step if the subject has no Post Test.
  •   Once your child passes all topics in all sections, he has completed the Study Island program.
  •   GOAL:  20 minutes of Study Island one night per week for homework.  Homework nights:  T & TH

How do I monitor my child’s progress?

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  •   Log in to Study Island with your student’s username and password.
  •   Click on My Reports.

·   Click on a report and select the appropriate grade level.

Upcoming Science Unit & Homework

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Our upcoming unit in science will involve taking a closer look at sand & soil. Spring break is the perfect time to locate sand and soil especially if you are going on vacation. We would LOVE samples for all over the U.S. Your child is bringing home a note that is further explaining this, along with 2 small bags for samples. If you are going away, just make sure to pack it in your suitcase. If you are remaining in the area, there are great samples to be found here. Thanks for helping your child add to our science study of sand and soil.


Homework Reminder

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You will need more information about your park. Please find facts about the state park that you are researching so that you are able to add bullet points on Tuesday. For location, try to add relative location statements and determine what cities your park is between. Also, put the address of the park into so that you are able to tell how far away your park is from Hudsonville. For attractions, research items that make your park unique. What can you do there? For amenities, what does your park have available to use?

Snow Day Homework

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I am sure you have had a great time with your indoor/outdoor activities since Thursday but I need you to try a few things for me prior to returning to school.

  • Click on the clock and practice time (remember we will have a test on elapsed time and graphs this week)
  • Read your chapter book from the library (we have been focusing on nonfiction reading so you haven’t had as much time to read other genres). You should still be completing 1 chapter book per week.
  • Google the Michigan park that you were working on in Writer’s Workshop. See if you can find at least 3 more interesting details that you can add to your paper.

It’s Never to Late to Be a Millionaire 

Did you know that your child has an opportunity to be a MILLIONAIRE at Georgetown?  If not, read this post to find out how!

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Animal Riddle Project

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We have started working on animal adaptations. Please ask your child if he/she finished the mystery animal adaptations. They needed to research an animal and determine five adaptations that help it survive so that they will be able to write an animal riddle. We will then type them up and post them for other students to guess. This is due on Monday. The following website has some great information:

Research Homework

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The kids have chosen an animal or a person in history to research. Please assist your child in gathering facts from books or the internet,  I did come across a couple of great websites with kid friendly articles to help you with gathering information.,,

If they chose an animal, they will be expected to gather the following information:

  • adaptations of the animal
  • habitat
  • what it eats and how it gets its food
  • physical characteristics of the animal
  • Fun facts

If they chose a person in history they will be expected to gather information about the following:

  • birth date and place
  • death/or where and what they are doing now
  • a childhood story
  • hobbies or interests
  • why they are famous
  • challenges/problems the person faced
  • Interesting facts
  • greatest achievement/accomplishment of the person

We will be doing lots of research work in class, but any help you can give your child at home would be wonderful.  Please let me know if you have trouble gathering information, so that I can help them here at school.

Great First Day

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We had a very busy first day and I can’t wait for tomorrow. The students are amazing and so eager to learn. They had some excellent questions today and some that made me smile because we so often take things for granted as I soon found out when asked, “Why do we have to be quiet in the hall?”

I have just a few reminders for you:

  • Please return all the forms that went home during Open House containing important phone numbers and information.
  • Your child will have homework every Tuesday and Thursday. It needs to be returned the following day EXCEPT for the Student of the Week form that was sent home today (which is due Monday).
  • If your child is being picked up, going to after school care, walking or riding his/her bike home and this is not normal for them or I am unaware of the change, please send a note.
  • Try to avoid sending in snacks that contain peanuts. We do have allergies in our classroom. Lunch time is not an issue because of alternative seating.