Halloween Celebration

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Just a reminder that this year our Third Grade team is going to try something a little different with our Party schedules.

Our Halloween and Valentine celebrations will be run by the teacher and held throughout the entire school day. They will only include the students and teacher. We are excited about some of the fun activities we plan to include in those celebrations. We will celebrate Halloween on Monday, October 31 Please send your child’s costume to school with them that day.

If you are able to donate any items to our celebration, please click on the following link: DONATIONS FOR HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION. Please send in donations by Friday, October 28th,


Donations needed for Halloween Party

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If you are able to donate any of these items for the Halloween party that would be GREAT! Our party is 1:00-1:45 on Thursday, October 31st. If you are able to help out, please comment on this page so that we know what is still needed. Thanks!
  • Clear food service gloves
  • Popcorn (GIANT bag at Jenison Walgreens for 5.00) 33366355.thc
  • Candy corn (two bags)
  • 3 dozen Donut holes
  • Juice boxes (26 needed)
  • 4 volunteers willing to be in charge of stations