Government Test

We have been learning about Michigan’s government during a portion of our math block. There will be a test on Wednesday, May 31st. A review sheet came home on Friday.

  • Judicial Branch: Supreme Court, Judges, interpret laws
  • Executive Branch: Governor, enforce laws
  • Legislative Branch: Senate, House of Representatives, make laws
  1. Why do we have 3 branches of government and not just one? We have three branches so that no one has too much power.
  2. What is the Constitution? A written plan for government with a list of rights people have.
  3. What is Popular Sovereignty? It is the right to vote to make decisions.
  4. What is the Capital of Michigan? Lansing
  5. How do senators, representatives, and governors get their jobs? They are elected.
  6. What happens if the governor signs a bill? It becomes a law.
  7. What is a veto? If the governor thinks a law is wrong he/she can veto (reject) the law.
  8. We also discussed what the local and state government provides.
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5 thoughts on “Government Test

  1. thank you for the study guide I really needed that you are the best 3RD GRADE TEACHER I KNOW you are the coolest 3rd grade teacher ever can you move to 4th grade so you can teach for me please that would be the best thing ever from your sweetest boy brady gort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wish Government wasn’t over I loved to know about our three branches and what they do in MI’s Government. Also I learned new words like veto, democracy and more words too. It was a super great subject in my opinion.

  3. the study guied was a big help because if there was no study geuid I woud not know what a veto, popular soverentyand much more and no 3 eather

  4. I did great because of the study guide and all the time to study for the test thanks for the time and all of the info to get the 3* it payed off a lot for me.

  5. I loved learning about government and cool words like veto and popular sovereighty. Thanks for the study guide it was a lot of help.

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