Final History Test is on Friday

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Your child is bringing home a review sheet today. Here is the information in case it was misplaced:

  • What are two ways we learn about the past? maps, diaries, artifacts, old papers, old pictures, internet
  • Who were the earliest people to live in Michigan? Native Americans, Three Fires, Hopewell
  • The first American Indians left artifacts. What is an artifact? Give an example of an artifact they left. An artifact is an item from the past. An arrowhead is an example.
  • Why did the French come to Michigan? They were looking for a route to China and stayed for beaver fur.
  • The French built forts because: to protect the fur trade from the British.
  • Who won the war? Then what happened? The British won and then took over the fur, forts and Michigan.
  • What were some challenges that early pioneers faced? The pioneers needed to cross the mountains, avoid dangerous animals, travel without roads and would get lost easily.
  • Michigan was part of the North West Territory before it became a state.
  • Michigan became a state on January 26, 1837.
  • It was the 26th state of the United States.
  • What did Michigan need to do to become a state?
  1. 60,000 people
  2. laws
  3. solve the Toledo Conflict

Living Museum

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The students did an amazing of presenting what they know. I was very impressed with their ability to memorize and present speeches with great eye contact! I couldn’t believe the inferencing skills that they used to write the Bio poems. The time and effort that they put into their projects was certainly evident! Thank you for supporting us and for stopping by to listen to some of our students. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Government Test

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We have been learning about Michigan’s government during a portion of our math block. There will be a test on Wednesday, May 31st. A review sheet came home on Friday.

  • Judicial Branch: Supreme Court, Judges, interpret laws
  • Executive Branch: Governor, enforce laws
  • Legislative Branch: Senate, House of Representatives, make laws
  1. Why do we have 3 branches of government and not just one? We have three branches so that no one has too much power.
  2. What is the Constitution? A written plan for government with a list of rights people have.
  3. What is Popular Sovereignty? It is the right to vote to make decisions.
  4. What is the Capital of Michigan? Lansing
  5. How do senators, representatives, and governors get their jobs? They are elected.
  6. What happens if the governor signs a bill? It becomes a law.
  7. What is a veto? If the governor thinks a law is wrong he/she can veto (reject) the law.
  8. We also discussed what the local and state government provides.

Talent Show

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Students in grades 3-5 will showcase their talents on Friday, June 2.  There will be two shows and a series of video taped performances released early.

We know that many of you are unable to leave work to watch the performances.  With parent permission, we will video tape the shows for you and release them on youtube — no name used to identify the performers.  If your child is in the show and you would like a video tape the performance  complete this form.

The performance times found here.

Things to Remember for Tuesday

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As part of our celebrating the remaining days in “Third Grade,” we had a Tasty Treat on Friday while we looked back at all our past writing pieces and will have a Hat and/or crazy sock day on Tuesday. Some students left early so they missed our drumroll with the announcement. Please spread the word about Hat day.

Also, we have our field trip scheduled for the morning so dress for the weather. The bus will arrive at approximately 9:40 at the nature center.

Pioneer Field Trip

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On Tuesday, May 30, we will go to DeGraaf Nature Center for a Pioneer Living field trip.  We will learn how the pioneers fed, clothed, and sheltered themselves with a visit to the life-size Pioneer Cabin. Students will participate in pioneer chores such as carding wool, sawing wood, grinding corn, and cooking over the fire.

Please dress for the weather.  We will be in and outside all morning. We will be back to school in time for lunch if students would still like hot lunch for that day. All parents are welcome to come but will to drive separately and pay $3 upon arrival. Feel free to carpool with someone else that is attending (The address is: 600 Graafschap Rd., Holland MI 49423). The following parents are free as their names were drawn as chaperones:

  • Holly Gort
  • Sara Beckett
  • Rachel Peck

Last Spelling Test

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We will have our final spelling test on Friday as we have completed all of the 36 units. Here are the words for the week:

Regular List Challenge List
city crayon
close coin
once concert
change police
come cereal
gym gerbil
ginger kangaroo
figure regular
gummy geography
digital apology

Next week we will begin working on fun summer words with activities. There will not be a test on these words.

End of Year Math Test

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Your child brought home our last math test that reviewed concepts from the entire year. In small groups, we will be reteaching, practicing and reassessing areas in which your child earned a score lower than a 3. Please keep in mind that some target areas only had 1-3 questions so it didn’t allow for any errors. The information on this test can be used for suggested review areas during the summer. The students are very familiar with Mobymax and Study Island and can continue with these during the summer.

Those that didn’t struggle will be completing challenge activities with performance tasks during this time. All of our math units have been completed.

Living Museum

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We will be writing an outline for our speech/presentation at school but practicing their speech and making any additional props like the posters seen below for a Living Bio Museum will need to be done at home. If you are doing a frame or poster, it is due on May 25 (the day before the performance so we can practice with it). Feel free to visit the following sites for additional facts:,,,

Their speech will need to include the following:

  • birth date and place
  • death/or where and what they are doing now
  • a childhood story
  • hobbies or interests
  • why they are famous
  • challenges/problems the person faced
  • Interesting facts
  • greatest achievement/accomplishment of the person

Here are some examples of projects: