Public Issues and Opinion Writing

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We have combined our Opinion Writer’s Workshop with the Public Issues in Michigan social studies unit. We will be writing our opinion pieces as it relates to a public issue. Our discussions will include  public issues in Michigan, our responsibilities as citizens, and Core Democratic Values. There will be a test on Core Democratic Values in March (date to be announced as we get closer to finishing the unit). We are currently working on flashcards at school and a review will be sent home closer to the test date. If you want to begin reviewing the flashcards at home, please click on the picture below:


What are Public Issues?

  • Issues are things that people disagree about.
  • Public issues are issues that affect a large group of people such as school, community, or state.
  • Many times people disagree about how to settle, or resolve public issues.

Why do people disagree on public issues?

  • People have different points of view about public issues.
  • To understand an issue, you need to look at different points of view.
  • Disagreements about public issues are related to core democratic values.
  • Core democratic values are things people believe in that bring people together as Americans.
  • Some examples of core democratic values are freedom, fairness, and the common good.

Exploring a Public Issue Facing Michigan Citizens

  • One problem facing Michigan is our growing use of energy.
  • It is important to develop new sources of renewable energy to supply our energy needs.
  • Wind farms are a good source of clean, renewable energy.
  • Winds are often the strongest off the shorelines of the Great Lakes.
  • People disagree over whether or not to allow wind farms in the Great Lakes.

Evaluating Possible Resolutions of Public Issue Facing Michigan Citizens

  • People have different viewpoints about how to solve or settle a public issue.
  • Understand an issue, citizens need to look at different viewpoints about the issue.
  • Understand an issue, citizens also need to think about how core democratic values are connected to the issue.
  • When citizens understand an issue, they can make better decisions about how to solve the issue.

Geography Quiz

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We have finished all of our science units. Mrs. Flory will be teaching us Social Studies Tuesday-Friday. Our first geography quiz will be on Tuesday and a review sheet was brought home today. Your child will need to know the following:

Absolute location: is the exact location of a place using an address. (Example: 3909 Baldwin Street)

Relative location: tells where a place is near, by, north of, close to…(Example: Georgetown is next to the football stadium)

Be able to give 3 relative locations for the state of Michigan. (Example: Michigan is East of Wisconsin)

Be able to draw the state of Michigan. Be sure to include the upper and lower peninsulas.