Fact Fluency

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The 3rd graders are making progress towards their fact fluency goals. We have introduced almost all the facts at this point (with the exception of 11 & 12). Your child brought home a mixed fact multiplication quiz today. They had 5 minutes to complete it and the goal was 64 facts within that time.
Please continue to focus on  fact fluency 5 minutes per day but stay with one operation until mastered prior to moving on to the next. If scores are low in all 4 operations, please start with addition first and master that prior to moving on to subtraction.
If your child received 100% on a target area with Mobymax, I lowered the response time to 5 seconds for an additional challenge. The Mobymax link is located to the right under At-Home Links.

Animal Classification & Adaptation Test

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Our Animal Adaptation and classification test will be on Friday, October 28th, next week. A review sheet for the classification portion went home yesterday. If your child misplaced it, I have included it right here for you to download: vertebrates . I have also included an adaptation video by Study Jams as a review. Please click on the picture below to watch the video and even test yourself in the end. Students, remember to leave a comment about what you learned from the video so that I can give you credit for doing a little extra.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 6.19.30 PM

If you would like to play an adaptation game, you can click on the picture below. Let me know if you make it on the leader board.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 6.11.48 PM

Animal Adaptation Riddles

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We have been working on animal adaptations. We started researching our mystery animal today. Please help your child research additional adaptations and return the riddle paper by Tuesday.

They need to research an animal and determine five adaptations that help it survive so that they will be able to write an animal riddle. They should tell how each adaptation helps the animal survive.  We will then type them up and post them for other students to guess.  They will have some time during computers to add to the list. The following website has some great information:   http://a-z-animals.com/ or http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/animals/

Halloween Celebration

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Just a reminder that this year our Third Grade team is going to try something a little different with our Party schedules.

Our Halloween and Valentine celebrations will be run by the teacher and held throughout the entire school day. They will only include the students and teacher. We are excited about some of the fun activities we plan to include in those celebrations. We will celebrate Halloween on Monday, October 31 Please send your child’s costume to school with them that day.

If you are able to donate any items to our celebration, please click on the following link: DONATIONS FOR HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION. Please send in donations by Friday, October 28th,


Reading Super Switch

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Beginning this week, all grade 1-3 classrooms launch a highly focused reading program for 30 minutes per day (Monday-Thursday).

This period of time, called the READING SUPER SWITCH, is in addition to the existing 60 minutes of classroom reading instruction. Students will be grouped with readers of like strengths and needs.

We are excited about the learning that will take place with this program. Look for updates on our class blog throughout the year.