Fact Fluency

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The 3rd graders are making steady progress towards their fact fluency goals. Your child brought home a fact fluency progress report today. Please continue to focus on  fact fluency 5 minutes per day but stay with one operation until mastered prior to moving on to the next. If scores are low in all 4 operations, please start with addition first and master that prior to moving on to subtraction. The expectations are 90 addition/subtraction and 80 known multiplication & division for this time of year.
If your child needs a change, Mobymax does offer fact fluency now with extended time and a chance to fix errors before marking incorrect. They do have a new username and password as of today. Username is your child’s last name and password is GES3. Thank you for your ongoing support. The Mobymax link is located to the right under At-Home Links.

Valentine’s Day Party

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Our party will be on Friday, February 12th, from 2:30-3:20. Please have your child make a Valentine’s box at home (either from a cereal box, tissue box, or small cardboard box). Be as creative as you would like. These will need to be at school by Thursday, January 11th. I have included the class list below so that your child can start addressing their Valentines:

Hannah Megan Sienna Tegan
Ivy Ethan Carson D. Carson F.
Katie Brayden H. Jackson CJ
Bella Caden Jenna Brayden P.
Talen Zachary Isaac Avery
Izzy Noah

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Geography Test on Tuesday

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Geography is coming to an end for your third grader. Please use the study guide below to help him/her study for the final geography test.
  • What is Geography?  The study of a place
  • Cardinal Directions: North, South, East, and West

Michigan Regions:

    • Upper Peninsula/Lower Peninsula
    • Michigan is part of “The Great Lakes Region” which every state in this region touches at least one great lake.
  • Michigan Land Forms: Mountains, sand dunes, peninsulas, and islands.
  • Michigan’s Natural Resources: Forests, water, minerals such as iron ore, limestone, and copper, natural gas and oil, and fertile soil.
  • The Great Lakes (Spelling Counts) Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior
  • What is a peninsula? A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides.
  • Michigan Movement: 
    • Goods: move by boats, trucks, planes, and trains
    • People: move by cars, bus, trucks, taxi, trains, planes
    • Ideas: U.s. Mail, email, phone, text, newspapers, radio, television
  • Michigan Human Characteristics: light houses, bridges, highways, cities
  • Michigan Natural Characteristics: bays, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, peninsulas, forests, mountains, sand dunes
  • How do people adapt to Michigan? : peaked roofs for snow and rainfall, furnaces for winter and air conditioning for summer, screens for bugs, coats for cooler weather.
  • Be able to locate these locations on a Michigan map: Porcupine Mountains, Upper Peninsula, Lower Peninsula, Mackinac Bridge, Lansing, Lake Michigan, Hudsonsville, Saginaw Bay.

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Michigan Regions Test on Friday

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Your child should have brought a study guide home today. They will need to locate the regions on a Michigan map, as well as, know the following:

Michigan Regions

  • Upper Peninsula: forests, copper range, mountains
  • Lower Peninsula: farmland, more roads, more cities, more people
  • Superior Upland: mountains–rocky land
  • Central Low Land: flat land with a few hills
  • Upper Peninsula: rocky land
  • Northern Lower Peninsula: hilly ground
  • Southern Lower Peninsula: flat land for farms

Smaller Regions within Michigan

  • Thumb: looks like the shape of a thumb
  • Fruit Belt: a lot of fruit is grown on the west side of Michigan
  • Straits of Mackinac: Where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron come together
  • Metropolitan Detroit: Largest population in Michigan

Michigan is Part of a Larger Region

  • Midwest: Lots of flat farmland (breadbasket)
  • Great Lakes Region: All the states in this region touch at least one Great Lake.

Study Island Homework Due Date Changed

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I have reposted the Study Island Homework. There is one assignment with an extended response that focuses on setting. The students have been practicing written responses within the classroom using a R.A.C.E. format (Restate, Answer, Cite, Explain). We have been discussing the setting in both reading and writing so this will be a great review.

The other assignment is on elapsed time. The students have been using clocks and number lines to assist with word problems about time.

Please have your child complete the assignments by Sunday, January 17th.