Study Island Homework

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What is Study Island?

  •  Study Island is an online learning program designed to help your child practice our third grade learning objectives.
  •   This program will serve as our homework on occasion – thus eliminating the need for as many paper copies – and serving as a history of practice that is accessible to both parents and the teacher.

Fast Facts:

  •   Every student has his/her own username and password.
  •   The program is divided into sections based on subject.
  •   Each subject is made up of topics, each of which corresponds to a specific state standard.
  •   Each topic contains lessons, practice questions and explanations.
  •   Most topics are accompanied by a lesson which includes some brief information about the material covered by the questions in the topic.

How do I log in to Study Island?

  •   Go to and enter your username and password.

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How does my child use Study Island?

  •   After signing in on Study Island’s home page, click the subject tab on which you wish to work or check your student’s class page for assignments created by your child’s teacher.
  •   To pass a topic, your child must satisfy the topic’s passing goal which is based on a minimum number of questions answered and a minimum percentage correct. A blue ribbon is displayed next to all passed topics.
  •   Once your child has passed all of the topics in the subject, he or she will have to pass the Post Test for the subject. Ignore this step if the subject has no Post Test.
  •   Once your child passes all topics in all sections, he has completed the Study Island program.
  •   GOAL:  20 minutes of Study Island one night per week for homework.  Homework nights:  T & TH

How do I monitor my child’s progress?

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  •   Log in to Study Island with your student’s username and password.
  •   Click on My Reports.

·   Click on a report and select the appropriate grade level.

Party and Movie

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The students will change into their costumes after first recess. Our party begins at approximately 12:15 and will end at 1:00. We finished Because of Winn-Dixie with our character study unit and will be watching the movie after the party. We are also going to have Dump Punch, pickles and egg salad sandwiches just like the party in the story. It is going to be a great day!

Animal Adaptations Test Moved

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Our Animal Adaptation and classification test will be on Wednesday next week, November 4th. A review sheet went home last week. If your child misplaced it, I have included it right here for you to download: vertebrates . I have also included an adaptation video by Study Jams as a review. Please click on the picture below to watch the video and even test yourself in the end. Feel free to have your child leave a comment about what he/she learned for extra credit.

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If you would like to play an adaptation game, you can click on the picture below. Let me know if you make it on the leader board.

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Another Fact Fluency Program…

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In addition to, we have to assist students with practicing their facts (for login information keep reading). It does not matter to me which program that your child uses as long as they are practicing. I have an incentive for them to complete the Xtramath but the other is a great review especially if your child is experiencing some frustration. On Mathfactspro I have most students set at subtraction, but will change it on occasion for extra practice. The links to all the programs that we use are to the right of the screen titled: At Home Links.


  •   MATHFACTSPRO is an online learning program designed to help your child master math facts.
  •   This program serves as our homework – eliminating the need for paper copies – and serving as a history of practice that is accessible to both parents and the teacher.


  •   Every student has his/her own username and password.
  •   Each student’s program is individualized based on the facts needing practice.
  •   Students who know their math facts are more confident math students and have greater success in math.
  •   Online math fact practice is more effective than paper flashcards.  This online program provides immediate    feedback (correct/incorrect) and adjusts the level based on student needs.

How do I log in to MATHFACTSPRO?

  •   Go to and enter your username and password.

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How does my child use MATHFACTSPRO?

  •   After signing in, start practicing.  
  •   The program will stop once your child has gotten 50 facts correct.
  •   Your child will see a chart of their fact progress – and you are able to view this as well.

·   GOAL :  5 minutes of  MATHFACTSPRO or each night:  M, T, W, TH, F

Animal Adaptation Riddle Project

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We have been working on animal adaptations. Please help your child research the mystery animal adaptations. They need to research an animal and determine five adaptations that help it survive so that they will be able to write an animal riddle. We will then type them up and post them for other students to guess. We will be working on this on Tuesday. Please have your child return the riddle form (that is in take home folder) by Tuesday. They will have some time during computers to add to the list. The following website has some great information: