Keep Learning in the Summer

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Studies have shown that learners can lose up to 50% of learning during the summer vacation. Georgetown is challenging you and your child to “Keep On Learning With Mobymax” this summer as a way to prevent summer slide. Georgetown teachers selected MobyMax as the online curriculum for summer vacation and extra curricular in school learning.

To learn more, visit our school blog.  Also…all those who earn their MOBYMAX points will be entered into a drawing for an ipad mini!

Directions to Unsubscribe

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If you are a parent last year, your child is moving onto a new grade and class.  To unsubscribed to this blog, follow these steps below:

1.  When you receive an email alert that the blog has been updated, scroll to the bottom of the email.

2.  At the bottom, look for the option to “UNSUBSCRIBE”.  Click on this and you will be all set.


Welcome to 3rd Grade

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你好 (nǐ​hǎo) or Hello,

I am writing you from China at the moment (where Mr. McDonald is working). I want to welcome you to third grade at Georgetown Elementary! I can’t wait to hear all about you and your summer adventures!

Keep reading over the summer because that will be very important! Also, make sure to get on to MobyMax during the summer and practice your math facts. A school supply list will be posted July 1.  I will provide most of the essentials, but a few highly recommended items are listed! Happy shopping!

Please register for email updates on the blog!  This will help you to be alerted each time a new post is added.

I am looking forward to getting to know and building relationships with all of you!

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Report Cards

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This year, report cards will be mailed on June 12th. Please refer to the last two sentences in the comment section to receive information about your child’s classroom teacher for next year. Remember to visit the assigned teacher’s blog and provide your email address for blog updates.

This summer:

  • Visit MobyMax (Your child’s username is their first name & last initial. Password: mobymax)
  • Read one chapter book per week
  • Practice multiplication & division facts

History Final Test on Tuesday

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  • What are two ways we learn about the past? maps, diaries, artifacts, old papers, old pictures, internet
  • Who were the earliest people to live in Michigan? Native Americans, Three Fires, Hopewell
  • The first American Indians left artifacts. What is an artifact? Give an example of an artifact they left. An artifact is an item from the past. An arrowhead is an example.
  • Why did the French come to Michigan? They were looking for a route to China and stayed for beaver fur.
  • The French built forts because: to protect the fur trade from the British.
  • Who won the war? Then what happened? The British won and then took over the fur, forts and Michigan.
  • What were some challenges that early pioneers faced? The pioneers needed to cross the mountains, avoid dangerous animals, travel without roads and would get lost easily.
  • Michigan was part of the North West Territory before it became a state.
  • Michigan became a state on January 26, 1837.
  • It was the 26th state of the United States.
  • What did Michigan need to do to become a state?
  1. 60,000 people
  2. laws
  3. solve the Toledo Conflict