End of Third Grade

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Although we are not having an official field day due the time constraints that the M-Step has placed on us, we will be having fun activities daily to celebrate the end of 3rd grade. We will be spelling THIRD GRADE by the last day of school.  Tomorrow we will celebrate the letter T by trying to blow the biggest bubble outside. 


Government Review

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We have been learning about Michigan’s government during a portion of our Writing block. There will be a test on Friday, May 22nd. A review sheet came home on Monday.

  • Judicial Branch: Supreme Court, Judges (7), interpret laws
  • Executive Branch: Governor, enforce laws
  • Legislative Branch: Senate (38), House of Representatives (110), make laws
  1. Why do we have 3 branches of government and not just one? We have three branches so that no one has too much power.
  2. What is democracy? It is a form of government in which the power is held by the people when they vote for leaders and laws.
  3. What is Popular Sovereignty? It is the right to vote to make decisions.
  4. What is the Capital of Michigan? Lansing
  5. How do senators, representatives, and governors get their jobs? They are elected.
  6. What happens if the governor signs a bill? It becomes a law.
  7. What is a veto? If the governor thinks a law is wrong he/she can veto (reject) the law.


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Parents, it is time to send home all the beautiful student artwork that we’ve been keeping safe at school for you!  Mrs. Brouwer and Mrs. Persch will host an ART PICK UP DAY – this includes framed artwork from the Art Show too!
WHEN: Thursday, May 28 – 8:00 AM-6:30 PM
WHERE: Mrs. Persch’s Art Room – across from the office, look for the signs!
Please stop in for your kid’s art work – any art that is not picked up will be sent home with the kids after May 28.  Hope to see you there!

​   Mrs. Brouwer and Mrs. Persch​

M-Step Schedule

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It is always great to start the day with a good breakfast but especially during our test days. We will be taking the M-Step on the following days:

  • Tuesday, May 19th
  • Wednesday, May 20th
  • Thursday, May 21st
  • Wednesday, May 27th
  • Thursday, May 28th

On M-Step days, our specials will be moved to 2:45-3:35 so that we may begin the test in the morning. Please send a morning and afternoon healthy snack.

Just Write Celebration

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Our Just Write Celebration will be June 1st at 9:50. We have worked on written projects and a speech to highlight the person’s life that we researched.  The poster project for a Living Bio Museum will need to be done at home. It is due on May 28th. Feel free to visit the following sites for additional facts:

Here are some examples of projects:

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