Outdoor Discovery Center

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We had an amazing day and it really didn’t seem that cold. Some of the students favorite things to do were when they were able to pet the animals after lunch. They also liked to look at the elk and couldn’t believe that the large antlers fall off in spring. We also found out that a skink was a lizard. There were a few tumbles when snowshoeing but with teamwork we were able to get up. We also found out that the needles of the White Pine are in groups of 5 and you can eat them.

Bundle Up for Field Trip

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Our field trip is tomorrow and we will be the first group using snowshoes. The temperature is expected to be a low of 3 degrees and a high of 19. Please have your child where thick socks, warm gloves, snow pants, hat, scarf, coat and extra layers. I believe that we are outside for about an hour and then come in for classroom activities with lunch. Don’t forget to pack a sack lunch.

Items needed for Valentine Party

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The planning for our Valentine’s party is almost complete. Thank you Mrs. VanTol for taking the time to plan this for us! We are still in need of a few items. Please let me know if you can donate any of the following:
*1 jar pink frosting
*Valentine’s sprinkles for cupcakes
Items already covered: 

  • 2 bags of Valentine’s m&m’s-Thank you Mrs. Hill!
  • Small paper plates/napkins-Thank you Mrs. Storm!
  • Juice boxes -22- Thank you Mrs. Brillhart!
  • 2 bags of individually wrapped candy- enough for 22 kids-Thank you Mrs. Zuiderveen!
  • Candy conversational heart boxes – 22-Thank you Mrs. Zuiderveen!
  • Cupcakes – 22 no frosting-Thank you Mrs. South!



Valentine’s Day Party and Class list

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Our Valentine Day party is quickly approaching. It will be on Friday, February 13th, from 12:10-1:00. Here is our class list to help the students fill out there cards to pass out. We have 22 students in the class.

~Gavin          ~Drew          ~Mallory          ~Emma

~Chloe          ~Diego         ~Kaitlyn           ~Nora

~Brycen        ~Brian          ~Alex               ~Kayla

~Justin         ~Cade          ~Autumn          ~Chelsea

~Evelyn        ~Jordan        ~Remi              ~Tyler

~Avery         ~Jack

Force and Motion

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We are currently focusing on Force & Motion. We are looking closely at how things move. We started by talking about motion which is the movement from one place to another or physical movement like twirling, waving, etc. Things move in certain ways- according to path and direction. The students have been completing a variety of experiments measuring distance and speed, as well as, force (the push or pull). We have also looked closely at friction and gravity and are currently discussing simple machines.

Our test will be Friday, February 6th. Here is the website that contains the flashcards of key vocabulary terms that you can work on at home:NOTE CARDS.

Click on the pictures below to read and complete activities about Forces & Friction: