Biography Unit Research

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We are wrapping up our biography unit and as a final celebration the students have chosen a person in history that they read about. We would like to have them bring in additional facts to supplement the book that they read. We will be writing our speeches/presentations at school but the poster project for a Living Bio Museum will need to be done at home. It is due on April 2nd. Feel free to visit the following sites for additional facts:,,,

They will be using the book that they read and are expected to gather information about the following:

  • birth date and place
  • death/or where and what they are doing now
  • a childhood story
  • hobbies or interests
  • why they are famous
  • challenges/problems the person faced
  • Interesting facts
  • greatest achievement/accomplishment of the person

Here are some examples of projects:


Animal Research Homework

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Your child is coming home with an animal to research during our Writer’s Workshop time. Please help your child gather facts from books or the internet. It would be great if he/she could bring in printed papers to use in class. Here are a couple of great websites with kid friendly articles to help you with gathering information:, or

We will be doing lots of research work in class, but any help you can give your child at home would be wonderful.  Please let me know if you have trouble gathering information, so that I can help them here at school.


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The children are completing a variety of science experiments for our sound unit. This is a loud unit for the classrooms that are close to ours.  We were able to make horns and see how pitch changes with the length of the straw. We have been reviewing  the specific vocabulary terms for this unit. Your child should have brought home flashcards to practice at the beginning of last week.   An online quiz, matching game or printable flashcards can be viewed by clicking on the picture below:

If your child would like to visit websites that provide a review, as well as, allow them to experiment with sounds, instruments, pitch and vibration, click on the pictures below: