Force and Motion

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We are currently focusing on Force & Motion. We are looking closely at how things move. We started by talking about motion which is the movement from one place to another or physical movement like twirling, waving, etc. Things move in certain ways- according to path and direction. The students have been completing a variety of experiments measuring distance and speed, as well as, force (the push or pull). We have also looked  closely at friction and gravity and are currently discussing simple machines.

Our test will be February 28th. Here is the website that contains the flashcards of key vocabulary terms that you can work on at home (these were sent home 2 weeks ago):

Click on the pictures below to read and complete activities about Forces & Friction:

Valentine’s Day Party

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Our party will be from 2:20-3:20 on February 14th. Just a reminder, we will be on our field trip until approximately 1:30. We are in need of a few things to make our party a success. If you can donate, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

  • 4 Bags of Conversation Hearts
  • Sugar Cookies (Thanks Mrs. Bier)
  • 24 pixie sticks
  • 24 straws
  • box of Q-tips
  • 24 pieces of Red Vine licorice
  • 24 individual packages of M&Ms

Click on the heart below to play  some online games for  Valentine’s day.