Homework Reminder

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You will need more information about your park. Please find facts about the state park that you are researching so that you are able to add bullet points on Tuesday. For location, try to add relative location statements and determine what cities your park is between. Also, put the address of the park into mapquest.com so that you are able to tell how far away your park is from Hudsonville. For attractions, research items that make your park unique. What can you do there? For amenities, what does your park have available to use?

Snow Day Homework

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I am sure you have had a great time with your indoor/outdoor activities since Thursday but I need you to try a few things for me prior to returning to school.

  • Click on the clock and practice time (remember we will have a test on elapsed time and graphs this week)
  • Read your chapter book from the library (we have been focusing on nonfiction reading so you haven’t had as much time to read other genres). You should still be completing 1 chapter book per week.
  • Google the Michigan park that you were working on in Writer’s Workshop. See if you can find at least 3 more interesting details that you can add to your paper.

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Field Trip

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Our class will be traveling to the Outdoor Discovery Center on January 22nd to study winter ecology by snowshoe!  Some of the cost is covered by our wonderful PTC and the money you sent in for the Polar Express Christmas party.  We will still need $1.00 to cover the cost.  

We are very excited to go on this field trip.  Our classes will be able to explore a natural area in winter on snowshoes with a naturalist. We will be able to experience habitats, adaptations, predator and prey relationships.

Your child will need all of their warmest clothing (mittens, hats, snow pants, and snow boots along with a lunch from home.  We will be outside for the entire morning, so PLEASE DRESS WARM!!

If you are interested in chaperoning, we can take five chaperones per class for free, but unfortunately you will need to drive.  We will randomly choose 5 parents for each class to attend for free. If you are not chosen, you are welcome to come but we need to pay the $4.50 admission. We will leave the school at 9:00 and depart at 1:00.  Please email me if you would like to come.

Please send $1.00 to school with your child by January 17.


Our First Day Back

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We quickly adjusted to the school routine after the new year, despite our classroom being a bit chilly at first. The kids had a chance to play outside. Please remember to have your child dress in layers and even bring an extra pair of gloves/socks just in case they get wet during first recess. Also, write your child’s name on all articles of clothing. They often don’t recognize their snow pants.

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Snow Day

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After shoveling on such a blustery day, I came in and enjoyed a cup of hot coffee (because of course it was too cold to drink a Diet Coke) while I read over your past papers. I am very impressed at how you have grown as writers. Many of you can easily generate ideas and are doing a better job of elaborating by including dialogue, internal thoughts and feelings. I think we need some extra practice with punctuation and capital letters during spelling activities so that we automatically do this when writing. How are you spending your snow day? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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