Social Studies Homework

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Yourimages-z5h8tg child brought home a Michigan map for Social Studies. It is due on Friday, December 13th. Your child can write or type the labels. Make sure all items are spelled correctly. The map should be neat and colored.  They do have handouts that they completed in class to assist with this project. Remember this is not a parent project but feel free to guide your child.

Holiday Happenings

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                    Christmas Party News!

Friday, December 2oth, will be our class Christmas party (9:15-10:30).  For our gift exchange, please help your child select a gift of approximately $3.00-$5.00. Girls will choose a gift for a girl and boys will choose a gift for a boy. The gifts need to be wrapped and labeled to a “Girl” or “Boy.”  Please make sure that your child writes his/her name, so we know whom to thank. The children may start bringing them in as soon as you would like to send them. 

We would like each child to send in $1.00 to cover the cost of the Christmas party.  We are planning crafts, games, and snacks related to the Polar Express theme and will be combining all of the 3rd grade classes.  Our party will be from 9:15-10:30 aboard the 3rd grade classroom Polar Express.  If you signed up to be a volunteer, we will be contacting you soon to assist with the organization of a center.

Light Bulb Needed by Tuesday 12/10/13

We have the perfect “reusing” idea in the classroom. Please send in one light bulb to the classroom during the next week. It does not need to work so check around the house for any that need to be replaced. The energy efficient bulbs will not work for this project. See picture below if you are not sure of what type of bulb to send in.


Typing Challenge

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Our students will have a typing challenge approximately every 6 weeks. We are competing against the other 3rd grade classes to earn a Pizza Party for improved typing skills. Because our computer time is so short, it would be VERY beneficial for your child to practice using his/her home row keys for speed & accuracy at home. Click on the picture below to login to the site that we use at school.

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