Celebrating Thanksgiving

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The curriculum for our two days of school this week is focusing on a Thanksgiving theme. During math, the kids had a great time today generating a menu for Thanksgiving. They only had $30 dollars to spend and were going through the weekly ads to make their list. They estimated and they used a calculator to determine the actual cost.

We will be working on the Diary of a Turkey tomorrow during writing. We took some time today to finish publishing our personal essays, as well as, an essay to save the turkey. In reading we are continuing to read series books and focus on characters. We did take a break to read about our national bird and how Ben Franklin thought that it should have been a turkey.

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Christmas Program Information

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Georgetown Christmas Program
December 3, 2013
Fair Haven Ministries Church

6:30 – 7:00   K-2nd     
(Students report at 6:15)

7:45 – 8:15   3rd-5th   

(Students report at 7:30)

Where is the church?Address: 2900 Baldwin Street  Hudsonville, MI 49426.
Fair Haven Ministries is located down the road from Georgetown Elementary at the corner of Baldwin Street and 28th Ave.

What time do students need to be at the church?
Students need to report to their assigned classroom 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE PROGRAM.

It is very important not to be late so teachers have enough time to line students up in their riser orders, pass out props and make sure everyone who has a special part is accounted for. Please do not send your child to the classroom unsupervised or prior to their scheduled time.

Where does my child need to go when they get to the church?
There will be signs at the church directing you to your child’s classroom.
Below are the room assignments by grade:

K – Family Life Center
1st – 100 Wing
2nd – 400 Middle
3rd – 100 Wing

Be Nice * Be Safe

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Today we launched a Be Nice * Be Safe campaign to stop and prevent any bullying that is occurring.  We discussed horseplay vs. aggressive play, how to stand up for yourself, and how to be a helpful bystander.  Below is a link that we will discuss throughout the week.  This is a safe place for your child to visit and learn how they can protect others and themselves.


Math Update

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As many of you know, we have been focusing on a variety of one-step and two-step word problems. Here is an example of a two step problem:

Suzy received 3 postcards of zebras and 2 postcards of monkeys each month for 3 months. How many postcards is that?

Students use the language and context of each problem to determine which operation or operations (multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction) they must use to solve it. Because we have also been discussing order of operations, it is extremely important that your child start to use one equation for these problems.

Multiplication and division will be done before addition and subtraction. If you want to tell people to add or subtract first, you must use parentheses. Parentheses mean “Do this first.”