Math Homework

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Your child is bringing home math homework tonight (and probably everyday next week). We have finished the required units for 3rd grade. We are now revisiting specific lessons within our new math book. These are quick and I want to make sure that the children are understanding the material. If they are struggling with the homework, please write a note at the top and I will work with him/her in a small group setting the following morning.

Parent Survey

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We are busy preparing our fifth graders for sixth grade with tours, instrument fittings and informational meetings.  In addition, the teachers are already thinking through placements for their students in the next grade.

In late April, the Georgetown staff begin the work of creating class lists for the next school year.  We thoughtfully and carefully place students using current teacher and parent input.   In order to do this, we will use teacher and parent input.  Your feedback is provide by completing the  Parent Classlist  Survey.   All wishes/requests from parents cannot be honored…because there is much to consider to build classlists.

In addition to the parent feedback from these surveys, we also examine the following criteria:

  • Learning style of student compared to teaching style of teachers.
  • Academic achievement:  We strive to balance classrooms with a range of learning levels.
  • Relationships with other students:  If there are students who do not work well together due to personality conflicts and/or behavioral issues we will look at the benefit of separating these students.
  • Special needs:  Speech, reading, resource support, health related issues.
  • Behavioral/emotional characteristics and management style of each classroom teacher.
  • The personality characteristics of the student compared to that of the teacher.
  • Boy/girl ratio.

*If your child is going into grade 6 at BMS, DO NOT complete this survey.  

This survey is only for children going into grades K-5.

Math Vocabulary

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We have started a new math unit using fractions. The students will build fractions from unit fractions and explore fractions as parts of a whole. We will also be finding equivalent fractions, and compare fractions with either the same denominator or the same numerator.

  • Denominator: tells how many equal parts the whole is divided into. (total number of pieces)
  • Numerator: tells how many equal parts you are looking at or talking about.
  • Unit fraction: has a numerator of 1.