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We will be taking the Unit 6 math test on Thursday. We have been reviewing for this test since Monday. Your child will be coming home with the review sheet tomorrow. The test covers quadrilaterals, area and perimeter. This should be a review because we did this unit in December in our old math book. Click on the shape below for an online game to practice area & perimeter:

We will be having an Economics test next Wednesday, March 27th. A review sheet came home with your child today.

  • Opportunity cost means: (think about choice) The second thing you wanted but DID NOT CHOOSE. It is the one that you didn’t get.
  • People are examples of human resources.
  • Natural resources are found in nature and are things we use.
  • Economics is the study of using resources to produce a good or a service.
  • When we depend on other states for products it is called interdependence.
  • Logging is a Michigan industry. Logging means to cut trees for lumber and other uses.
  • Scarcity means: not enough of something.
  • Taxes, fees, and fines help the government to provide (pay for) goods and services.
  • Government taxes pay for things like road repair, public libraries, state parks.
  • An entrepreneur is: someone that uses resources to produce goods or services.
  • Manufacture means making goods in a factory.
  • Agriculture means farming.

Pictures of our Special Times

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I enjoyed looking at these pictures this evening and realized that I didn’t share them with you yet. When I looked at our PJ and reading day, I couldn’t help but smile because there is nothing like snuggling up with a good book, blanket, stuffed animal and friend. These children have come so far with their reading and our focus lately has not been on decoding or fluency but rather comprehension strategies and book discussions. The children have been reading with a partner and making tracks in their journals to discuss the book. We have truly grown as readers because now we can talk about what we’ve read. I am so proud of each of these children!

In math and science, we came up with questions, generated hypotheses, developed surveys, collected data, and interpreted the results. The children had a great time making graphs and displaying their information on posters. The posters were delivered to GVSU for the statistics competition.

Talent Show Information

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 Got Talent? 

Can you sing?

Hula hoop?
Do a comedy act?
Play the recorder or piano?
Do a gymnastics routine?
Perform a magic trick?
Do jump rope tricks?
Then Georgetown WANTS YOU!!!
Students in grades 3rd – 5th are busy practicing their many unique talents and getting excited about performing for their family and friends in this fun talent show.
Here are some important dates and information for you to remember:
SHOW:  Thursday, March 29. 
There will be a 9:15 and 1:15 show. The line-ups will be posted for these shows by Monday, March 26. Check back here to see which show your child will be performing in.
FORMS DUE:  Wednesday, March 13.
If your child would like to participate in this year’s Talent Show, they need to fill out the Audition sheet located outside the music room door and return it to me no later than Wednesday, March 13.  Auditions times will be assigned and posted by Monday March 18.
AUDITIONS:  March 19-21 during lunch recesses.  Audition times will be assigned and posted and a note will go home as well.  Students need to bring all of their props, costumes, CD’s, instruments, etc… to the audition in order to be considered.  They need to be performance ready at the audition.
DRESS REHEARSAL:  Wednesday, March 28
This will be a mandatory rehearsal for all performers immediately afterschool.  This is important in order to have students know where they will go on stage, how to go off, and check our sound levels for CD’s and microphones.  If your child has a sports or other committment, its possible we can have them go first.  Otherwise, we will perform the show in order.  More details will come home with this year’s performers.
Please review all of the rules below:

Talent Show Rules:

  • Performers must be in grades 3rd – 5th
  • Acts must be 2 minutes or less in length (We can fade out song at 2 minutes if necessary)
  • All acts must be appropriate. Acts with suggestive or questionable lyrics, movements or costumes will not be allowed to perform.
  • Students must come to Audition PERFORMANCE READY. That means that you should perform as if it is the actual Talent Show. You must have all CD’s and props with you on the day of your audition in order to be considered.  If your music is an mp3/mp4, you can email it to me at abretz@hpseagles.net.

TO AUDITION to be an MC:

Please prepare 2-3 short jokes to tell. This gives us an idea of your stage presence. We will also ask you to read a cue card. MC’s will need to speak clearly and read cue cards before each act. If you are interested in MCing, please check the MC box on the reverse side.

Audition Forms Due WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14

Return to Mrs. Bretz

Good luck everyone!  I can’t wait to see all of our amazing performers this year!!!!!