Friday Plans

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All aboard! We have a fun filled day planned. Please remember to wear pajamas. Our Polar Express party will start at 9:00 by caroling through the halls. We will end up in the multi-purpose room at 9:15 and travel through a variety of stations. In the afternoon the children will be watching the Polar Express movie. I am looking forward to seeing all of the pictures and will make sure to post a video of them.

Just a Reminder

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We will be having a gift exchange in the classroom. Please help your child select a gift of approximately $3.00-$5.00. Girls will chose a gift for a girl and boys will choose a gift for a boy. The gifts need to be wrapped and labeled to a “girl” or “boy.” Please make sure that your child writes his/her name so we know whom to thank. The children may start bringing them in as soon as you would like to send them. Make sure your gift is here by Monday, December 17th.

Also, please send in $1.00 to cover the cost of the Christmas Party. If you are available to help run a center during the party, please let me know. Our party is on Friday, December 21st from 9:15-10:30. Your child can wear P.J.s on that day. I am very grateful to everyone that offered to send in supplies for the party! I sent a red note home today with the item circled. If you did not receive a note, we are all set at this point.

In case you might be wondering,

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I have had a substitute teacher Monday & Tuesday this week because my daughter, Meghan, had an emergency appendectomy this weekend. She is recovering now at home and she is eager to get back to her normal routine (as am I). My son, Nathan, continues to have seizures but we now have a plan in which I assess the situation and then his grandma takes over so that I don’t need to be away from your darling children.

Force and Motion Unit

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We are currently focusing on Force & Motion. We are looking closely at how things move. We started by talking about motion which is the movement from one place to another or physical movement like twirling, waving, etc. Things move in certain ways- according to path and direction. The students have been completing a variety of experiments measuring distance and speed, as well as, force (the push or pull). Next week we will be looking closely at friction and gravity this week and moving to simple machines.

Our test will be December 20th. Here is the website that contains the flashcards of key vocabulary terms that you can work on at home:

Click on the pictures below to read and complete activities about Forces & Friction: