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We would like to announce the classes who are leading the race to the WALK-A-THON LIMO RIDE at the end of each day.  To do so, we will need you to enter your earnings once per day.  Only enter once per day so we can get a fairly accurate indication of the predicted amount per class.

To enter your donation amount each day, go to this link:  LIMO RIDE DONATIONS  Shortened link:  bit.ly/limo-ride

TREK For TECH  Walk-A-Thon:  September 26.  Money Due September 28, 2012.

Georgetown Millionaire Club

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If you have ever dreamed of being a millionaire, now is your chance.  All students will have the opportunity to become a member of this club if they succeed in reading for 1,000,000 words this school year.

As a member of the MILLION WORDs club, each member will have their name on the MILLIONAIRE’s BOARD (display case in our rotunda) and receive a very cool, totally awesome t-shirt.  Each student must keep track of the total words read on this form:  Million word club form.

Completed forms are turned into Mrs. VandenBerg (Librarian), our school librarian.

Links to help you calculate words in books are found on the right under READING COUNTs.  Quick links can be found here:  Ren Learningand   Scholastic e-Catalog.

Thank you!

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I have received many notes or questions from you regarding my son’s health. He had some tests this week and is doing much better. We don’t have any answers yet and are learning to be patient through this process. This is a new road for us to travel. We have been so fortunate to have Mrs. Hagberg in our classroom when I couldn’t be there. She was a substitute in the 2nd grade classrooms last year and this year was in our room as a paraprofessional so the children knew her.

I am so lucky to have such an amazing class! They have adapted to the schedule quickly and we are reviewing 2nd grade content as we begin 3rd grade material.


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Our ANNUAL WALK-A-THON is coming!  It is just a week away–September 26!

What is needed for this day?

  • Good weather.  If it rains, we will hold it inside.
  • Blue/Gold Eagle Colors
  • Walking Shoes
  • Smiles
  • DONATIONS to help us fund family events and cool new tech tools for the classrooms!

Who walks?  EVERYONE!   We invite parents and grandparents to join us!

Who donates?  EVERYONE!  The children will be bringing home walk-a-thon forms this week.  We would like you to try to donate $25 per child.  Hit up those friends, co-workers and relatives. Tell them how cool it is to be at Georgetown and how much we would love these donations to keep doing all the cool things we do AND do more with tech tools.

And…if you can’t make the $25 mark, we will take every single donation amount no matter how much.

Again…ALL CHILDREN walk…no matter what.  No one is prevented from walking.  This is not only a fundraiser for our great school, it is also a time for us to walk (exercise) and be a happy community supporting our school together.

What are the prizes?  THEY ARE AMAZING THIS YEAR!

  • Top EARNING WINNERs (5):  MAY 2013 POOL PARTY AT MRS. REAGAN’S HOUSE.   A BLAST…and worth waiting until the pool is open and the weather is warm in late May.  We eat snack, swim, lunch, swim, eat ice cream, swim, eat popsicles, swim.  We do all of this while everyone else is at school! 
  • Top WINNERS for EACH GRADE (6):  PIZZA PARTY WITH MRS. REAGAN–at school.  We will have pizza, pop and an extra long lunch.
  • Top WINNING CLASSROOM:  Prize to be announced
  • EVERY PARTICIPANT who raises $25 or more get the most awesome FOAM FINGER!  These are really really cool.  Thank you Mrs. Impens for finding these!
  • EVERY PARTICIPANT will be entered into drawings for  really cool prizes.  We are still collecting these so details coming soon!

Watch for the Walk-A-Thon details to arrive home this week.

Start thinking about who you can ask to donate money to our school.

Save the date of September 26 for your blue/gold wear and get your favorite walking shoes ready.

Great First Day

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We had a very busy first day and I can’t wait for tomorrow. The students are amazing and so eager to learn. They had some excellent questions today and some that made me smile because we so often take things for granted as I soon found out when asked, “Why do we have to be quiet in the hall?”

I have just a few reminders for you:

  • Please return all the forms that went home during Open House containing important phone numbers and information.
  • Your child will have homework every Tuesday and Thursday. It needs to be returned the following day EXCEPT for the Student of the Week form that was sent home today (which is due Monday).
  • If your child is being picked up, going to after school care, walking or riding his/her bike home and this is not normal for them or I am unaware of the change, please send a note.
  • Try to avoid sending in snacks that contain peanuts. We do have allergies in our classroom. Lunch time is not an issue because of alternative seating.