Our Last Summer Library

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I decided to take a break from packing up my daughter, for college and help with our last library time for the summer. I will be at Georgetown from 10:00 to noon on July 31st if you would like to stop in and meet me.

I am getting so excited for school! I already started shopping for school supplies for my kids. My daughter, Olivia, was thrilled with the notebooks, binders and pens. My son, Nathan, looked at his and said “I am not even touching that stuff. It is too soon!” I’m looking forward to seeing all of you soon and welcome all levels of excitement.

School Supplies In Store

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I know that this is probably buried in the back of your mind right now, but I did see that all of the school supplies were out at Walmart yesterday. There was a bit of excitement that bubbled inside me and I ventured to take a peek as my daughter tried to restrain me. I thought that I would let you know that some of the items on our supply list are pretty cheap there.

  • Spiral notebook $ .17
  • Composition books (located on end of isle) $ .50
  • Pocket folders were also there but Staples usually has these on sale for $ .10
  • 4 Expo whiteboard markers for $2.50

We can help each other out by leaving comments on the blog if you notice some of our supplies are on sale.