Special Speaker

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Mr. Stuck, Allie’s Grandfather, came into our classroom today to discuss saving our money. Mr. Stuck has been a member of our Hudsonville school board for the past 24 years. It was a pleasure having him in our classroom today!

This was an excellent review of our economics unit as he talked about supply and demand. We learned the importance of saving, spending and sharing our money. We talked about why it is important to manage our money. The children brought home three colored envelopes so that they can start managing and saving now. It was interesting to hear about how much the students thought items cost. Some thought a movie was $50 a ticket, others thought the price of a 2 liter bottle of pop ranged from $1.50-$17.00.

Georgetown Fun Run

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We have had many requests to hold a fun run at school to accommodate families that cannot make it to the May 9 5th/3rd Fun Run or the May 12 RiverBank Run.This Georgetown Fun Run will be held on May 4 at 2 pm on the Georgetown Walking Path.  All students will be able to walk in honor of all those we know who have fought or are fighting cancer.Originally, Mr. Kooiker set a challenge of shaving his head if 100 students donated $1.00 or more to Spencer’s medical expense fund.  However, that group has grown to a total of five staff members willing to shave their hair for Spencer. These staff members are:  Mr. Kooiker, Mr. Gort, Mr. Rob (our custodian), Mr. Bialochowski and Mr. Bowen!   We will open the run with head shaving IF we can get 100 students to donate toward Spencer’s Meyer’s Medical Fund.

Your form must be in by Friday, April 27…with your donation money.
You also have the OPTION of getting a TEAM SPENCER T-SHIRT.  These are $5.00.  Michele is organizing all the TEAM SPENCER events.  If you are interested in donating toward the fund and/or getting a T-Shirt, please complete this form and return it by April 27 with your money.
NOTE:  If your child is participating in the 5th/3rd Fun Run or Riverbank, their donation is sufficient for the school fun run.  You do not need to donate to both.  Their donation will also be counted in the 100 kids goal.
To register, print this form:  TEAMSPENCERFUNRUNSCHOOL:  Registration Form.

Team Spencer

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Many of you are aware that our special kindergartener, Spencer Meyer is fighting leukemia.  Spencer is receiving treatment at DeVos Children’s Hospital through the month of April.

To show support, many of students and families  have registered to join “Team Spencer” and run either the Fifth Third River Bank Run (May 12), or the Fifth Third Feelin’ Good Fun Run (May 9).
Thank you to everyone who has joined to support this special little boy and his family!  “Team Spencer” is such a worthwhile cause, that WZZM 13 reporter Valerie Lego  has contacted Michele Sytsma (organizer of Team Spencer)  for an interview with all the Team Spencer runners and his kindergarten class  on Monday, April 23.
We would like everyone in the school to wear orange on this Monday April 23 and again on Friday April 27 to show support for Spencer and everyone we know who has been impacted by cancer in some way.  Monday and Friday are ORANGE days!If you are interested in more information about “Team Spencer,” please feel free to contact Michele Sytsma by email: cmsytsma@sbcglobal.net   All registrations will be accepted through Wednesday, April 25.  Thank you again for everyone’s care and support for our wonderful kindergartener, Spencer.

Writer’s Workshop

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We are currently working on a personal narrative about Spring Break. This was a quick piece in which we are focusing on editing and revising. I am absolutely amazed with the progress that they are making. Their papers are extremely colorful as they identified capital letters, punctuation, and complete sentences. The located all of the verbs and nouns. They highlighted areas where they used show-not-tell, inner thoughts, and similes. Today they focused on word choice when revising.  I am very impressed with each of them as they worked in teams and the rumblings that could be heard consisted of alternative leads and endings. We will then take these pieces and complete Peer Responses. Ask them to sing our song to you about what they are looking for in a Peer Response. If you leave a comment letting me know that they did this for you, they will earn 5 tickets.