Weekly Update

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A few dates to remember:


The walk-a-thon is the only fundraiser that Georgetown has so please consider raising money for our school.

Reading counts has officially started. Please encourage your child to read at least 20 minutes 5 times per week. This is just an incentive program to get your child reading. It needs to be a positive experience for them. Their grade in class is not dependent on how well they read a book for the reading counts program. It is extremely valuable for children to talk about the books that they are reading. Please have your child share with you. We have talked quite a bit this week about good fit books. If you noticed that your child as five or more errors on a page, please have them choose a different book.

Math has been a bit of a review for the children. We are focusing on place value, proof drawings and addition methods. Please ask your child to teach you the following ways to solve a problem: new groups below, new groups above, and show all totals. There is typically homework every Tuesday & Thursday for math.

Social Studies has been focusing on relative and absolute location. Our focus is on Michigan this year but we did review community from last year. We have slowly introduced vocabulary words for each lesson. The children do have flashcards that they review daily.

For the next two weeks in spelling, we are focusing on the short and long /a/ sound. There will be a sentence dictation test at the end of the second week. We typically have spelling three times a week. During that time we sort our words by looking at common patterns, find examples of our words when reading, and finish stories.

During Writing, we have been generating ideas for those times when we are stuck and have nothing to write about. We have talked about the differences between a story and an entry. We have been taking snapshots (forming a picture in our mind), thought shots (including what we were thinking), and exploding the moment (adding lots of detail). Our stamina for writing continues to improve. Your child was asked to bring in items to decorate the composition book because everything written in there is a treasure.

We finished plant parts and functions. This was a review from last year so we did not need to spend an extensive amount of time on it. The questions on the test required some clarification because the kids need to pay close attention to the  words, “not and all except.” We will be moving on to plant and animal adaptations shortly.

Our Birthday Celebrations this Week

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Tara’s birthday was on Monday. We learned a little bit about Tara on that day. Her favorite color is hot pink. She likes to read Dr. Seuss books because of the funny stories. Her favorite animal is a hamster because she used to have one. Her second choice for a favorite animal would be a dog. Her dog’s name is Bailey. Her favorite subject in school is Social Studies because she likes learning about places. She does like sports and her favorite is softball. Pizza is her favorite food. She likes summer the best because she can go swimming in her pool. She said, “It is hard to think of my favorite healthy snack but I do like watermelon.” Her favorite cars are the Slug Bug and Corvette.

Haley’s birthday was on Thursday. Haley smiled through all of the questions that the kids asked her. Green is her favorite color. The horse is her favorite animal because it is fun to ride them. Palomino horses are her favorite.  They are gold with a white mane. Strawberries are her favorite food. Haley likes soccer because her mom was a soccer player and is teaching her how to play. She does not have a favorite T.V. show. She said that she doesn’t really have a favorite “thing.” When asked about her favorite game, she said that she does like to play Wii Bowling. Reading is her favorite subject in school. She enjoys playing outside with the neighbors.

Just an Update…

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It was an amazing first week, although, I’m sure that the kids felt that there was little down time because we were constantly on the go. We had some very busy days in third grade! When the students were asked to explain how 3rd grade seems different from 2nd, they answered the following:

  • “Math has WAY bigger numbers!”
  • “I think it is different because third grade is having you always tell why.”
  • “Third grade makes me think too much that my brain hurts.”
  • “Third grade stepped it up a notch.”

We have completed all of our assessments and I am in the process of reading with the children to determine their independent reading level. Please keep in mind, if your child did not read very much this summer there may be a bit of a decline. We have library on Tuesday and your child can take reading counts tests on Wednesday. Spelling starts next week. We are working on place value in math and will be starting the geography of Michigan in social studies.

Happy Birthday Kaleb!

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Today was Kaleb’s 9th birthday. We were able to get to know him even better. Kaleb’s favorite food is pizza and he was able to go to Pizza Ranch for dinner to celebrate. He enjoys building forts and catching snakes. Kaleb’s favorite colors are green and white. His favorite sport is baseball and he likes “to hit homers.” Kaleb said that his favorite book series is Geronimo Stilton because it takes you on adventures. He thinks that a German Shepard is the best dog because he has a “huge one” named Kylie.

Nut Free Room

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This year we will need to be very aware of what types of food we bring into our classroom.  As some of you know, nut allergies are prevalent at our school. Reactions can occur not only from consumption but from oils as well–so transfer of peanut/tree nut by touch also sends some into reaction. Snacks must fall on the list below or have a label on them.  Thank you so much for your continued support in keeping our classroom NUT FREE.  Please refrain from sending homemade baked goods and candy, as these may not be “safe” foods.  These items can be placed in lunch boxes, just not in the classroom for snack.  Please read the labels, but also refer to the safe snack options below.  We appreciate your concern and cooperation regarding this matter.


(Please make sure to double check the label as packaging/production is subject to change)

 * Goldfish crackers

* cheese

* any fruits

* any vegetables

* Teddy Grahams

* Vanilla Wafers

* Triscuits

* Wheat Thins

* yogurt

* pudding cups

* Oreos

* Rice Krispie treats ( packaged)

* Cheetos

* Doritos

* Potato Chips

Do you know who this is?

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Welcome to a new school year. There are some new faces at Georgetown, as well as, familiar ones. This is the perfect time of year to see how many staff members that you know. Do you know who this is?

Her are a few clues to help you:

Her favorite food was spaghetti when she was a child. If she could learn anything, she would like to learn more about photography. I am sure this would help her take better pictures of her family and friends. Her favorite color is aqua blue. She loves the sound of the waves, especially if she is by the ocean. The title of her autobiography would be…Don’t Worry Be Happy! I think that is because she is always smiling. Do you know who it is?


It is our amazing kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jabaay. If you would like to try a few more, check out other teacher’s blogs for clues: Mystery Teacher.