Donation Request

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In need of:
  • Gently used digital cameras (please send along charger and other necessary cords for uploading photos)
  • Gently used picture books, non-fiction  and chapter books, grade K-5 appropriate
  • DVD/VCR Combo Unit:  Ours are burning out and we would love to make use of your equipment if it is no longer being used in your home!

2nd Grade Science Project Is Still Growing

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How many of you planted your corn seedling from our plant unit? Eion Jackson definitely has a green thumb because mine did not survive the ride home from school. His seed has gone through the plant life cycle this summer. He watered it on the counter for a while and it grew very well.  His family decided to plant it in the ground outside to see how it did…..well….as you can see… is doing quite well.  It is gigantic!  The cornstalk is standing around 10 feet tall now.  It has tasseled in 3 places on the stalk and has 1 visible corn cob growing and silking so far.  It is really an amazing sight.  Eion’s family said, “It was fun to see how a little seed can become something quite incredible!”

Leave a comment letting us know what happened to your corn or bean plant.

 This is a picture of Eion as the corn started growing.

     It kept on growing!