Class List for 2011-2012

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Welcome to your class blog for the 2011-12 school year!

While you are here, be sure to sign up for email updates.  Our class blog will be the site for information about school supplies, curriculum and assessment and much more.  A school supply list will be posted on July 1.  Later in the summer, I will provide information on the blog about the August open house.

Also, remember to sign up for email updates on the Georgetown School Blog.  The school blog will provide updates all summer long about school wide events and important details about open houses and calendar dates.
If you would like to see a list of all the students in our classroom this year, click on the link below.  I hope your summer is off to a great start!

*NOTE:  NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE TO CLASS LISTS.  We have worked many hours with feedback from you and the teachers to create these lists keeping in mind the best needs of the learners and the gifts that each teacher brings to the classroom environment each year.

3rd – Mrs. McDonald’s Class List

Our Last Day

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Second Grade celebrates “everyone is a friend.” I will truly miss your children. Thank you for sharing them with me. I look forward to seeing them in the fall. Report cards will be mailed on Monday. You can visit your child’s 3rd grade teacher’s blog on June 17th to see the class list for your child. Also, watch for a school supply list on July 1st. Here are a few things to remember to do with your child this summer:

  • Xtramath for fact fluency practice (addition, subtraction & multiplication)
  • Raz-kids

Have a fantastic summer!

Second Grade Celebrates by Reading

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It was a fantastic day for second grade to celebrate our READING. The stamina was wonderful despite the distractions around them. They have really grown as readers. Tomorrow we will be getting autographs. If you have an old shirt that you would let them sign, please send/wear it. If you don’t have a shirt, they will have a paper to get signatures.

Dance & Dessert Day

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Second Graders continue to celebrate! We walked to What’s the Scoop to enjoy a delightful dessert and were dancing on the sidewalk to some wonderful tunes. It was a perfect day for dancing outside. Tomorrow we will be adding an extra Giggle to our day. The children do have homework today and will need to write a riddle or joke down to share with the class. Thank you for assisting us!

Reading Counts

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Hi my name is August. I made it to the Million Word Club.  My teacher says that I am a reading machine. I can read up to 3 chapter books a day. My favorite series is Warriors. My parents tell me to get to bed because I am reading instead of sleeping. I past the record for the most reading counts points. This time I had 265 points. I made it past 100 each time and earned pizza party and some ice cream.  My advice to you is to READ all the time. I challenge you to beat my record. Good Luck!

IMG_4454 IMG_4427

Today was the pizza party for everyone that earned 50 reading counts points. We also had ice cream for making it over 100 points and because August broke the record he shared his earnings. There were 11 students that surpassed their goals (reading more than 50). The 11 students read a total of 1055 points. GREAT JOB!


Congratulations Hannah on winning the Ipod Shuffle!

Please take a moment to read the full articles on our school blog:

Millionaire Word Club