Second Grade Celebrates

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For the last eleven days of second grade, we are doing an activity or two that corresponds with each letter of “Second Grade!” Academics are still the focus of everyday, however, these activities are meant to add a little fun to the ending of our school year. We may need a few donations though. Here is our schedule of activities:

  • Silly Song Day
  • Extra Recess Day
  • Chalk Writing Day
  • Our letters to Third Graders
  • Nutty Name Day
  • Dance Party Dessert Day
  • Giggle and Joke Day
  • Reading Celebration Outside
  • Autograph T-Shirt Day
  • Doughnut & Field Day
  • Everyone is a Friend Day

If you would like to see their silly song/cheer, please click on the link:    Silly Song

Homework Due on Thursday, May 26th

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As part of our Hudsonville History unit, we are learning about important events and dates in Hudsonville’s history. We are taking those dates and producing a timeline of events. To go along with this, the students will be making a personal timeline depicting important events that happened in their lives. We need your help to come up with events that happened in their lives. They will need five important events. Please help your 2nd grader write the events on the back of the paper that came home in the nightly folder. Events could include: when they were born, a family vacation, a birth of a brother or sister, a favorite birthday, or when they started school. Don’t forget to include the date and a small description of each even. We will be making the timelines at school. If you have any pictures of these important events please send them to school also.

Just Write Week

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Thank you for joining us in our Just Write Celebration! The students are amazing writers and ready for third grade. I was extremely impressed with their confidence when reading in front of such a loved audience. They were so excited to see all of the support! Hopefully, you had a chance to look through the writing folder that came home on Friday to see the growth.

We enjoyed a week of sharing our masterpieces, reading our poems, observing other author’s published pieces and watching a skit performed by the teachers to celebrate Sarah Spears story.

Grade 2 skit: CAR WASH by Sarah Spears

Good-bye Miss Godfree

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We were honored to have Miss Godfree, a student teacher from England, with us for a week. She shared many photos and participated in discussions about the similarities and differences between education here vs. there. The children were especially boisterous when uniforms were discussed. They definitely took a stand stating that “we should not wear uniforms.”

It was difficult to say good-bye and we wished we had more time to participate in additional lessons with Miss Godfree. She will make an excellent teacher!

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Red and Blue Day

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Tomorrow we will be wearing red and blue at Georgetown in honor of Mrs. Iwema’s 2 year old nephew, Sam Ekkens. He is having his third, and hopefully final, open-heart surgery on Friday. He was born with a heart condition called hypo-plastic left heart syndrome and will be having surgery in Ann Arbor. Please wear red and blue (a symbol of healthy blood flow) to remind show your support for Sam.

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A Special Thank-You

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At the end of the school day on Monday, when I was feeling rather sluggish. A large, white envelope arrived in the mail. “What in the world could it be?” I whispered. It was from Grand Valley University. Did you ever get something in the mail that you had no idea what it was?

I was curious and excited! I quickly tore open the envelope. There was a very nice black folder inside. “Wow!” I commented to myself (because I was the only one in the room at the time). Why did they send me this? I opened the folder peeking inside. There was a letter addressed to me. It was from the Dean at Grand Valley. It told me that I was nominated for the WGVU Cool Teacher Award. “Oh my goodness,” I squealed. “Who would do this?” I read further. It said that Eion Jackson, a 2nd grader in my class nominated me. A warm feeling came over me. That was an extremely thoughtful act. I am honored that Eion chose me, as he is also a cool student. I will never forget how my sluggish day ended with excitement. I am truly blessed to call myself a teacher and am honored to have so many wonderful students pass through my doors. Thank you for considering me to be COOL!

Cool Teacher