Our Field Trip

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We were thrilled that the rain held off except for the few sprinkles in the morning (which did keep us inside to discuss landforms). The majority of the students enjoyed the trip stating that they learned the following:

  • Blackberry stems are purple.
  • There are lots of things to know about plants & you have to be careful.
  • There are plants that are bad and take over the area.
  • There are plants like thorn bushes and landforms like mountains.
  • A bug can go in a stem and make a big circle thing and live in there for 50 weeks and when it comes out it only lives for two weeks.
  • I learned 13 new plants like moss, blackberry, strawberry. I learned about valleys, mountains, hills, plains, and plateau.
  • I learned that a strawberry plant has 3 leaves like Poison Ivy.
  • Red moss does not have roots.
  • I learned that the Autumn Olive Tree should not be here and if the bird eats the berries, it gets hyper.
  • Mountains are like a triangle. Hills are half the size of a mountain. A volcano is a mountain.

Field Trip

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Our second grade classes will be venturing to the Outdoor Discovery Center to explore plants, water habitats and landforms. Above please find the day that your child’s class is scheduled for the adventure. Chaperones are welcome to join us at no cost. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know. This will give us a picture of who is able to come and also how many children will be in each group. Please plan on arriving to school at 8:45 to prepare for the trip. Parents should plan on driving or carpooling with other parents that are coming along on the trip as there will not be room on the bus.

Here are a few details to note as we prepare for our adventure:

* The cost for each child is $1.00. This will be due by April 21. ( Our amazing PTC
is paying for the rest of the cost.)

* Your child will need to bring a sack lunch on the day of the field trip.

* Your child should be dressed for the weather on that particular day as we will be outside most of the day.

* We will leave school at 9:00 and return by 2:00

Did you know?

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Did You Know?

By: Maya D. & Chloe P.

We are learning about Expository Text Features. We read a book called, Bend and Stretch. The author was Pamela Hill Nettleton. From this story we learned that you and a giraffe have the same number of neck bones. The giraffe’s are just bigger than yours. We were surprised by some of the things that we found out. Take a look at what we learned:

  • Did you know that around 25 all of your bones will be hard and then you stop growing?
  • Did you know that the outside of your bones are smooth?
  • Did you know that your smallest bone is behind your eardrum?
  • Did you know that the muscles stretch and shrink at the joint?
  • Did you know that you have more than 630 muscles?

We also learned that some muscles work on their own like your heart. You use more than 30 muscles when you smile. We were really surprised to find out that your eye muscles move more than 100,000 times each day so it is the hardest working muscle. We wanted to test people like our family to see if they knew what the hardest working muscle was. We were happy that we knew something that many of our family didn’t. Check out our results.

Graph Results

By: Eion J. & August V.

The  maximum was the heart which is 24, the minimum was lips which was two people guessing and the range was 22. Wow! Most of the people we asked guessed the heart.

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Quick Update

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The end of the year is quickly approaching, therefore I thought that I would send a quick update including curriculum information and important dates. Please take a moment to read our 2nd Grade Update. Also, I did want to encourage you to review your home address with your children. During our 911 presentation prior to Spring Break, many of the children weren’t aware of their address when practicing calls.