Writing Update

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Our mentor author is Jan Brett. We have been using her books to “tune in” to juicy words, make story mountains, and to pay attention to quotation marks. We have officially “trashed” the word: said. The kids have been on juicy word searches and have come up with many alternatives. They have even found many other words to expand our vocabulary.

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Social Studies

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Our Social Studies Big Ideas:

  • There are many different kinds of natural characteristics of the Earth.
  • Landforms are different kinds of land on the Earth.
  • Mountains, hills, valleys and plains are landforms.
  • Bodies of water are different kinds of water on the Earth.
  • Oceans, lakes, ponds and rivers are bodies of water.
  • Communities are sometimes different because they have different landforms and bodies of water.

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The children were working in partners and small groups to sort Landforms & Bodies of Water cards. They did an excellent job matching pictures, words and definitions. We will have a quiz on Friday.