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Our weekly update was done by Ty and Bryce. Please remember to check out your scheduled conference time. We will be viewing the Book Fair on Monday at 12:30 and purchasing on Thursday. Please remember to turn in your Book It forms if you read for 15 minutes each night.

The candy corn scavenger hunt winners were announced today. Visit the school blog to learn about the winners for the drawing and the winning classrooms. Next scavenger hunt will take place in November. Happy Halloween!

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Chapstick for Children

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Happy Bainbridge and Alaina DePuys have kicked off a special service project that benefits children at DeVos Children’schapstickHospital. This project helps them to earn their Bronze Award for Girl Scouts and also supports special children in our community.  Learn more about this by watching their announcement.

Collect days are October 21, October 29 and November 5.

The team that brings in the most scented chapsticks wins an extra recess.

TEAM 1:  Grades K and 5

TEAM 2:  Grade 1 and 4

TEAM 3:  Grade 2 and 3

Can you guess?

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Can you guess what I’ll be for Halloween? Please leave us a comment with your guess.

  • Andy: I play a sport. It has a ball. You can pass the ball.
  • Aubree: I have a fish tail and a human body. I can breath under water and air.
  • Allie: I have red hair. I am on T.V. I have a bone in my hair.
  • Isabella: I have wings and an antenna. I am green and I come out at night.
  • Zac: It is something that you can eat. It has a color. It has “M” in the center.
  • Haley: I have black dots. I can fly. I have an antenna.
  • Cassie: I have been in a movie before. I have brown hair. I act like someone else.

A Note From Mr. Andrews…

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To the parents of Mrs. McDonald’s second grade class,

My name is Mr. Andrews and I have the wonderful pleasure of working with your bright children this fall as a student teacher in Mrs. McDonald’s classroom. I am reluctant to say that I will be graduating from Hope College as I have heard that several of you are Calvin graduates. However, I hope that this minor detail does not affect your impressions of me. I will graduate with an endorsement in Special Education- Learning Disabilities, a minor in Mathematics and a Kindergarten-5th grade general education teaching certificate. I have a passion for children and education and am looking forward to growing with your children in their 2nd grade year.

I have been in the classroom with your children for the last two weeks and have extremely enjoyed getting to know them better. I believe that ALL students can learn and enjoy their educational experiences when given the chance. It is my goal to provide your children with this chance in the next months and I hope to open their minds to the wonderful world of knowledge. I am looking forward to our future communications. Have a wonderful day.

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”
~Clay P. Bedford