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To ensure safety for all of our students, we are adding a layer of protection that requires all volunteers to submit a background check.  You will receive the paperwork home with your packet of student information forms that must be completed at the start of the school year.

The form must be completed for parents who plan to support classroom instruction (web reading, center support, general classroom assistance, and field trips).  Forms will arrive home in the start up packets.  You can also stop by the office and pick up a form to complete or you can download this, complete it at home and send it to school.  All information will be submitted to the Human Resources Department.  FORM:  Background Check Form

Each teacher will have a list of parents who have completed the background check.  Volunteers for classroom work and field trips will be pulled from these lists.

Thank you for you help in ensuring that we have a safe climate for learning.

“Me” Bag

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Welcome to second grade! This will be our first homework assignment of the year and it will be a “getting to know one another” activity. Bring a “me” bag with you on the first day of school.

A “me” bag is a paper lunch sack (please write child’s name on the outside) that contains 5 items that describe who you are. Things that you could include in your bag could revolve around your favorite foods, sports, color or hobby. For example in my “me” bag, I would include a picture of my family (because I love them so much), a can of Diet Coke (because it is my favorite drink), sand or book (because I love reading at the beach), picture of ice cream (my absolute favorite food especially if there’s hot fudge), and my camera (because I love taking pictures).  Be creative and think about what makes you so special.

After sharing our “me” bags, we will send them home.

Can’t wait to get to know you!

Breakfast at Georgetown

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BkfastDid you hear that we will be serving breakfast at Georgetown every morning?  This is a district wide initiative to make sure that all students are offered the opportunity to have access to a healthy meal at the beginning of each school day.

The program will be run by our current JEN/HUD Food Service group.  In addition to lunch, you have the ability to purchase a $1.25 breakfast for your child.  Students who fall under the free/reduced plan for lunch will also receive this benefit for breakfast.

Mrs. Cheri Stacey will run this program for us.  Once students arrive at school (8:30 am), they will enter the building through their grade level door.  After placing backpacks and jackets in lockers, they will walk to the cafeteria/MPR where Mrs. Stacey will greet them and get them settled in for breakfast.  At 8:50, students will be dismissed to their classrooms to start their learning day.

If you would like to put money in your child’s meal account (for breakfast or lunch) visit the JEN/HUD website. If you are in need of information about Free/Reduced Meal Plans, you can contact the JEN/HUD office through this site.