Science Update

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We finished our unit on recycling. The children did very well on the assessment and extended learning activities. We are starting our Solid Earth Unit. The children will be looking at Earth materials that occur in nature such as, rocks, minerals, soils, water, and the gases of the atmosphere.

We will be using the following vocabulary: boulder, earth materials, rock, clay, sand, gravel, soil, texture, color, particle size, mineral, solid rock (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock).

They are coming home with a note to bring in a soil sample for class on Wednesday. Thanks!



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 Our Spring Carnival is on Saturday, May 15, 2010.  This is a favorite time for Georgetown families to join together in a day of fun and fundraising.
This year all proceeds from the carnival will be donated to the Lamers Family. This is one special family that is in dire need.  Currently, the Lamers Family is financially struggling with medical expenses incurred with their son, Brodie, who has Cerebral Palsy, a paralyzing medical condition.  This family needs to make accommodations to their home as well as purchase a handicap accessible van for Brodie. In addition to Brodie, Tisha and Matthew have three children to support. In today’s economy, this has been quite a challenge.
The Parent Club would appreciate a donation from ALL of our students.
We need for all students to bring in:

2 Liters of Pop for the Carnival Pop Toss Game
All  2 liters of Pop should be dropped off to the school office by Friday, 05/14/2010 by 4:00 PM.
If you have cares or concerns, please contact Susie Coxen 669-3662 or Stacey Alexander 914-6896.

Ice Rink Skate Party

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A group of Dad’s who care about kids is hosting a open skate time at the Georgetown Ice Arena for all Georgetown families and staff.  This will be held on April 24 from 4:30-6:00 pm.
This group of dads has done a great job of supporting our Bustin’ Thru Books project and they would like to continue involving dad’s in the school setting.
To find out more, read this flyer.  Georgetown Family Skate.  We would love to see you there!

News regarding next year…

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Can you believe that we are already thinking through placements for next year.  In late April, the Georgetown staff begin the work of creating class lists.  We thoughtfully and carefully place students using current teacher and parent input.   In order to do this, we will use teacher and parent input.  Your feedback is provide by completing a  Child Profile Survey.
In addition to the information from these surveys, we also examine the following criteria:
-Learning style of student compared to teaching style of teachers.
-Academic achievement:  We strive to balance classrooms with a range of learning levels.
-Relationships with other students:  If there are students who do not work well together due to personality conflicts and/or behavioral issues we will look at the benefit of separating these students.
-Special needs:  Speech, reading, resource support, health related issues.
-Behavioral/emotional characteristics and management style of each classroom teacher.
-The personality characteristics of the student compared to that of the teacher.
-Boy/girl ratio.
Complete this confidential child profile survey form for each of your children before the end of April.  Class lists for 2010-11 will be posted at the end of the school year.