Special Request for Science

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We will soon be studying the Earth’s materials, therefore, I thought that Spring Break would be the perfect time to gather samples of sand. Your child came home with a yellow note and ziploc bag today. If you are leaving town, please pack the bag and take it with you to gather sand. If you are remaining in the area, see if you can find sand near your home, from a park, on a walk, or from a sandbox. We are looking forward to comparing the samples from different locations. Thanks!

Writer’s Workshop Homework

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The students have had approximately 45 minutes a day for the past 3 weeks to gather facts and begin generating paragraphs about a place. They have had the opportunity to look through books and articles to locate facts. If your child brought home his/her composition book this evening, he/she needs to add facts. Please encourage them to do this so that we can continue to progress through our research unit. Thanks!

Math Update

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We will be taking our unit 9 test on Tuesday. We have been learning multiplication and division facts for 6, 7, and 8, while continuing to practice the rest of the basic facts that we covered previously.

The students have been introduced to comparisons involving multiplication and division. Such comparisons involve one quantity that is a number of times as many as or as much as another. Here are two examples:

  • Brendan has 2 gerbils. Ryan has 4 times as many gerbils as Brendan has. How many gerbils does Ryan have?
  • Maddie has 12 posters in her room. Cate has 1/3 as many posters as Maddie. How many posters does Cate have?

We also focused on word problems. They did a variety of one-step word problems in which they needed to determine which operation to use–multiplication, division, addition, or subtraction. This was tough for some.

Please continue to help your child get faster on multiplication and division facts. Feel free to practice on some of the math links that are located on the side of my blog.


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Estoy muy bueno. The third graders will be learning Spanish from the level 4 students at the high school. For the next three weeks, the high school students will be teaching us two times weekly for 30 minutes. Today your child was given a Spanish name (me llamo…), can state where they live (Yo vivo en Michigan), and state what they like (Me gusta…). I know that they are anxious to share what they learned today.

Congratulations Readers

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Once again the majority of the class met their reading counts goals. Many of the students surpassed it by leaps and bounds. The following students earned a pizza party on Monday:

  • Jada (121 points…achieved goal with 532%)
  • Ryan M. (100 points…achieved goal with 556%)
  • Austin (103 points…achieved goal with 572%)

The following students earned between 50 & 100  points:

  • Mason
  • Emily D.
  • Jordan
  • Brendan
  • Cate
  • Ryan S.

 Keep up the good work and remember to log your reading time!

We have the incredible opportunity to win $5,000 for our school library through a contest called, Raise a Reader School Challenge. Individual readers are also eligible for great prizes.

The contest is sponsored by the International Reading Association and Parents Magazine.

As a school, we are participating in a national contest that requires students to log their reading minutes from March 8 to May 31. We would like to ask every parent to register for this program today. You will then log in your child’s minutes read at home. The winning school (most minutes read) will receive $5,000 toward library books.


If you have questions at any time, check with Mrs. VandenBerg, our school librarian, or your child’s teacher.

Thank you for doing such a great job to raise your child to be a reader and for supporting our school library!


Parent Club Meeting

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On March 16, our superintendent Nick Ceglarek will be presenting to our PTC.   Mr. Ceglarek will be sharing the current goals for our district, including dealing with the challenges in state funding and planning for the upcoming building projects that are designed to accommodate our increasing enrollment.

This would be an excellent meeting to attend, providing you with first hand information about the district initiatives.  The meeting will be held in the media center at 7 pm.