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Just a reminder…tomorrow is PINK DAY. This day is being celebrated as a day to support breast cancer awareness. Ashley from Mrs. Jurewicz’s class came up with this idea after her grandmother battled breast cancer, chemo and radiation last year. She will be selling breast cancer products to raise money to support Susan G. Komen for the cure.

A prize will be given to 1 student from each grade that has the most PINK on. So remember to wear PINK tomorrow!

Earth Movie

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Upcoming Trip

We are going to the Earth movie at Celebration Cinema (Rivertown Crossings Mall) on Monday, April 27th. This movie will supplement our science unit. A special thanks goes to our Parent Club for covering the cost! Your child will need a sack lunch on that day as we will be eating at the mall prior to the movie. We will be leaving school at 11:00 a.m. and returning at approximately 2:00 p.m.



Math Group

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Estimating with Mr. Kookier’ Group

By: Aliya and Alison

Estimating is where you make numbers simpler to add, subtract, multiply and divide. For example anything that ends with 5 or higher you will round up to the nearest ten. When you round up to the nearest hundred you round up at 50 or higher.

Quiz Directions: Round up to the nearest 100

a. 587 + 642= ________
b. 675 – 242=  ________
c. 852 x 101=  ________

Now estimate to the nearest 10:

A. 9576 + 253= ________
B. 251-110= ___________
C. 35 x 38=____________

In Computers

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By: Brendan, Jared Y., and Tyler

In computers we are working on a key note presentation about person’s biography that we researched. For example, Brendan is doing Jackie Robinson, Jared Y. is doing George Washington Carver and Tyler is doing Theodore Roosevelt. For the keynote program we imported pictures to make our slides look better. One cool thing about the keynote is that you can flip text boxes! In addition, we went to the website to read about government. When you click on a building, it tells how it affects you.