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This is an example of an essay.

I Love Max

By: Happy

Max is probably the best brother the world. One reason is when I’m stuck on a math problem, he helps me figure it out. Another example is he gives me Piggyback rides and he is always counting on me even if I am in last place. On the other hand, even though he annoys me sometimes…he’s still my brother. I used to think but now I realize that everything he tries to do for me is just trying to help. This connects with when he wanted to help with a building I was making and I said, “no.” I think that was the wrong answer. He really is my favorite person and he always will be.

About the Author: Happy has just one brother and a pet cat. Her favorite subject is math. She has written two personal narratives titled: Bad Cat and Alison, a fiction story titled: Spot, and cats anthology containing 5 poems.

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This is an example of a personal narrative that I wrote during Writer’s Workshop.

The Big Football Play

By: C.J.

Two weeks ago, my football team was so ready for the game. I was excited to be a linebacker on the first play. Mandrick screamed, “hut.” He ran to the end zone. I flew to tackle Mandrick, but I missed him. I was so mad that I started to tear up the grass. “Ch, ch, ch” was the sound the grass made in my hands. I screamed, “Get him Caden!” It was too late. They blocked him. “Bonk!” and scored. Now it was time for the extra point. Mandrick screamed, “Down ,set, hut.” I saw a guy on the Viking team make a triangle. I knew he was going to get the ball. The quarter back threw the ball toward the end zone. “Woosh,” I got the interception. I ran, but the whistle blew. “What?” I gasped. I did not know why they blew the whistle. Coach Walker asked the Ref. The Ref. said, “It did not count because it was the extra point.” I felt bad. It was my only chance to get a touchdown.

About the author: C.J. is nine years old. He has a dog named, Mari. His favorite subject is spelling. He has written another personal narrative titled: Packer Game, a fiction story titled: The Super Bowl 43, and a Football anthology containing 4 poems.

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This is an example of a personal narrative.

My Grandma & Grandpa

By: Haley

It was a windy December Day when my Grandma and Grandpa decided to go to Florida. Before they left, “I yelled I will miss  you! Will you ever come back?” My Grandma said, “Maybe.” Then they got in the car and left. It made me feel kind of sad because they are so far away. Later I called her and she said she misses me and will be home maybe some time in April. I’ll never forget the time that they missed me so much and I hope they come back soon!

About the author: Haley has two dogs, a brother, and a sister. Her favorite subject is math. She has published a personal narrative titled: Corkscrew, a fiction story titled: Great Wolf Lodge, and a school anthology containing 4 poems.

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A Snowy Day

By: Lauren

Yesterday, the drive was flooded with a white blanket.
Last night, the snow softly covered one another.
Today, fluffy white sparkles of snow are everywhere!

About the author: Lauren likes apples and bananas. Her favorite subject is art. She got her idea for this piece from her snowy driveway this winter. She’s written an anthology of bunny poems, a fiction story titled: The Land of Expectations, and two personal narratives titled: A Fall Leaf and an Autumn Morning.

Spring Service Project

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We are a Georgetown family who feels incredibly blessed during this time of economic stress in West Michigan. For this reason, we have decided to share our resources in an area where there is a great need in our school. We are asking, most humbly, and as you are able, if you will join us in this pursuit.  We attend Fair Haven Ministries, and through a special project called the Kingdom Assignment (inspired by Oprah’s Pay it Forward Campaign), we have decided to use our money to help families in need at our own school.

The greatest need of Georgetown families at this time is for food. Some families are unable to qualify for free or reduced lunches because of their income, but at the same time, the money they do receive is going to pay mortgages and bills. There are also many children who come to school without snacks, leaving them hungry as they are trying to learn.

Up to this point, there has been a group of very committed teachers and staff who have been pooling their own money to address this concern. We are hoping that we can multiply their generous donations through this blog posting.

Again, if you are able, we would appreciate any donations of gift cards to food stores. Meijer, Family Fare, D & W Fresh Market and WalMart come to mind, but there may be others that you can think of. The gift cards can be dropped off at the Georgetown school office at any time during regular school hours (8:30 to 4:00). Please mark any donations as follows: SPRING SERVICE PROJECT.  Please know that you can also purchase gift cards through out PTC scrip program.  If you have questions about how to do this, contact Carrie Clark-Berry (csclarkberry@comcast.net).

Thank you so much for your consideration and your support of this Spring Service Project. Know that you will be helping our Georgetown families in this difficult time.

The Shereda Family

Meet our friends in Pingtung, Taiwain!

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I would like to invite you to visit our school blog that brings together two schools, thousands of miles apart: BLOGPALS. You will find an entry from our sister school, Raey Guang.  A Year Six teacher, Chia Pin Chen, created a blog post on our site.  In addition, Mr. Chia Pin Chen has also created his own class blog that has photos of some of his students.

This has taken perserverence from both schools–one that speaks English only and another that speaks Mandarin with some English.  Please visit the blog and ready entries from our sister school students.  Mrs. Reagan