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Homework: Please solve 3 of the number stories written by some of your classmates. You will need to leave your answers by making a comment.

  1. Carrie bought 2 cookies for $2.89 a piece. She gave the clerk $10.00. How much change will she get? By: Caitlin
  2. Susy wanted to buy a Wii that was $250.00 and she wanted to buy one for each of her 5 friends. How much money will Susy need? By: Kiley
  3. I scored 11 times in a football game. And each score is worth 7 points. So how much was the score at the end of the game? By: C.J.
  4. Bob bought 5 cages. Two dogs were in a cage. How many dogs in all? By: Tyler
  5. Peter bought 5 bags of Tootsie Rolls that had 40 rolls in each bag and 17 bags of flowers that had 7 flowers in a bag. He gave them all to Susan. How many Tootsie Rolls and flowers did she get? By: Haley
  6. Sandra bought 6 packs of bones. Each pack holds 7 bones. How many bones in all? By: Alaina
  7. Coach Bob has 4 cases of balls. There were 7 balls in each case. How many balls were there all together? By: Jared M.
  8. There are 95 chairs for Lauren’s school audition. They want to put them in four equal groups. How many chairs will be in each group? By: Lauren
  9. Tom had 1245 pink flash cards and got 1245 from the math store. How many in all? By: Hope
  10. Brad bought 10 Star Wars books. There were 18 characters in each book. How many Star Wars characters in all? By: Jared Y.


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We are getting back into our morning routine after swimming. Today was a day full of Inauguration events. The children read stories about President Obama, wrote speeches & poems, and watched the activities on TV. They listened closely for key words during President Obama’s speech and even caught a few examples of the Core Democratic Values.

Here is our latest newsletter: january-20-2009

Swimming Lessons

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The children are having a wonderful time in swimming lessons. It has been an excellent opportunity for them to work on life skills. It does make them a bit tired and hungry during the day so they may benefit from an extra snack. Please note that we will not have swimming on Wednesday, January 14th because the high school students have a late start.

Just a few reminders…

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Happy New Year! I am eager to begin again with your wonderful children. We have a busy start to our week because as soon as your child arrives to school, we will leave for the high school for swimming lessons. Please have your child wear his/her swimsuit under their clothes, and bring a towel & under garments on Monday. We will also have library so don’t forget to bring back library books.