Public Issues and Opinion Writing

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We have combined our Opinion Writer’s Workshop with the Public Issues in Michigan social studies unit. We will be writing our opinion pieces as it relates to a public issue. Our discussions will include  public issues in Michigan, our responsibilities as citizens, and Core Democratic Values. There will be a test on Core Democratic Values in March (date to be announced as we get closer to finishing the unit). We are currently working on flashcards at school and a review will be sent home closer to the test date. If you want to begin reviewing the flashcards at home, please click on the picture below:


What are Public Issues?

  • Issues are things that people disagree about.
  • Public issues are issues that affect a large group of people such as school, community, or state.
  • Many times people disagree about how to settle, or resolve public issues.

Why do people disagree on public issues?

  • People have different points of view about public issues.
  • To understand an issue, you need to look at different points of view.
  • Disagreements about public issues are related to core democratic values.
  • Core democratic values are things people believe in that bring people together as Americans.
  • Some examples of core democratic values are freedom, fairness, and the common good.

Exploring a Public Issue Facing Michigan Citizens

  • One problem facing Michigan is our growing use of energy.
  • It is important to develop new sources of renewable energy to supply our energy needs.
  • Wind farms are a good source of clean, renewable energy.
  • Winds are often the strongest off the shorelines of the Great Lakes.
  • People disagree over whether or not to allow wind farms in the Great Lakes.

Evaluating Possible Resolutions of Public Issue Facing Michigan Citizens

  • People have different viewpoints about how to solve or settle a public issue.
  • Understand an issue, citizens need to look at different viewpoints about the issue.
  • Understand an issue, citizens also need to think about how core democratic values are connected to the issue.
  • When citizens understand an issue, they can make better decisions about how to solve the issue.
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Geography Quiz

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We have finished all of our science units. Mrs. Flory will be teaching us Social Studies Tuesday-Friday. Our first geography quiz will be on Tuesday and a review sheet was brought home today. Your child will need to know the following:

Absolute location: is the exact location of a place using an address. (Example: 3909 Baldwin Street)

Relative location: tells where a place is near, by, north of, close to…(Example: Georgetown is next to the football stadium)

Be able to give 3 relative locations for the state of Michigan. (Example: Michigan is East of Wisconsin)

Be able to draw the state of Michigan. Be sure to include the upper and lower peninsulas.


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Valentine’s Day Party

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Our party will be on Tuesday, February 14th, from 2:30-3:20. Please have your child make a Valentine’s box at home (either from a cereal box, tissue box, or small cardboard box). Be as creative as you would like. These will need to be at school by Monday, February 13th. I have included the class list below so that your child can start addressing their Valentines:

Nora Carter Emma Elijah
Gavin Juella Brady Reikina
Drew Landon Madi Madison
Andrew Audrey Harrison Kieran
Noah Bradley Alexa Will

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.29.22 AM                     Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.28.58 AM

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Force and Motion

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We are currently focusing on Force & Motion in science. We are looking closely at how things move. We started by talking about motion which is the movement from one place to another or physical movement like twirling, waving, etc. Things move in certain ways- according to path and direction. The students have been completing a variety of experiments measuring distance and speed, as well as, force (the push or pull). We have also looked closely at friction and gravity and will be discussing simple machines.

Our test will be January 31st. Your child should have brought home their flashcards today but if they didn’t, here is the website that contains the flashcards of key vocabulary terms that you can work on at home: Force and Motion Notecards

Click on the pictures below to read and complete activities about Forces & Friction:

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Sound Unit

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The children completed a variety of science experiments for our sound unit. This was a loud unit for the classrooms that were close to ours.  We were able to make horns and see how pitch changes with the length of the straw. We have been reviewing  the specific vocabulary terms for this unit. Your child should have brought home flashcards to practice last week. Our test will be on Thursday, January 12th.  An online quiz, matching game or printable flashcards can be viewed by clicking on the picture below:

If your child would like to visit websites that provide a review, as well as, allow them to experiment with sounds, instruments, pitch and vibration, click on the pictures below:

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Audience Participation in Music Program

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For the first time ever, we are going to have audience participation for our final song this year!  The students are very excited to share this experience with you, however, in order to be ready to join in on the fun, we are asking families to download this free jingle bell playing app PRIOR to the holiday program on their phones if you will be attending the 3rd-5th grade performance.  THANKS!!

iJingle Bells (John Slater) is available on iPhone

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