Michigan Movement Test

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We have a Michigan Movement test on Tuesday. The students are bringing home a review paper today. Here are the questions if they misplaced the materials:

  • What is one reason a person might move within Michigan?
  • What is one reason a person might move out of Michigan?
  • What are two ways goods move into and out of Michigan?
  • Why do goods move?
  • What are two ways information or ideas, move in and out of Michigan?
  • What is an example of something moving into Michigan that people did not want?
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Informational/Research Writing

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We are wrapping up our biography unit for reading and are moving on to research in writing. Today the students have chosen a person that they read about or that they wanted to know more about after looking at the following sites:

Everyone in the room has a different person (therefore if you decide to change your person, please check with me first). We would like to have them bring in additional facts to supplement the materials that they have here. Please bring in printed articles or books from the local library for Friday. Looking ahead…the students will be writing speeches/presentations at school and completing a poster project in the upcoming months at home for a Living Bio Museum (Presentation May 26th at 1:15) on the person that they have researched.

They will be expected to gather information about the following:

  • birth date and place
  • death/or where and what they are doing now
  • a childhood story
  • hobbies or interests
  • why they are famous
  • challenges/problems the person faced
  • Interesting facts
  • greatest achievement/accomplishment of the person

We will be doing lots of research work in class, but any help you can give your child at home would be wonderful.  Please let me know if you have trouble gathering information, so that I can help them here at school.

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Next Week Activities

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We want to celebrate reading with a week of activities at the end of March.  During the last week of March, have your child wear/bring the following:

Monday, 3/27: wear a hat with writing on it

Tuesday, 3/28: wear a shirt with writing on it

Wednesday, 3/29: bring your favorite book

Thursday, 3/30: read with a friend and trail mix

Thursday will be Read and Feed Day!  We will be reading much of the day and I’d like to provide a snack for the afternoon.  We will make a GORP style snack with a bunch of mixed foods. Please send in an unwrapped snack to add to our mix. I sent a note home today with an attached sandwich bag. Please return it by Thursday, March 30th. We have a nut allergy in our classroom.

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Cheese-It Crackers
  • Goldfish Crackers
  • Oyster Crackers
  • Cereal (Cherrios, Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms)
  • Honey Maid Graham Sticks
  • Teddy Grahams
  • Bugels
  • licorice bites
  • raisins
  • chocolate chips (Meijer/Spartan Brand)
  • mini-marshmallows
  • pretzels (Meijer/Spartan Brand)
  • dried fruit
  • unwrapped fruit snacks
  • skittles
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Core Democratic Value Test

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Many are publishing their public issue papers, therefore,  our Core Democratic Values test will be on Friday, March 17th. I reviewed with the students today. If your child lost the flashcards, please click on REVIEW for our previous blog post. As always the students asked if I would have something for them to comment on as a review so I have included a Core Democratic Value video below (please note that they do not need to know all of the CDVs that are included in the video):


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M-Step Dates

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The M-STEP State testing for grades 3-5 will take place this spring.  To find out more information about this required statewide test, visit this link: M-STEP: WHAT IT IS and HOW IT WORKS.

Please avoid all doctors appointments and vacation days on the dates that your child is scheduled to participate in the state wide M-STEP testing.  Thank you for your attention to these dates.

NOTE: If your child is ill, we will administer the tests on make-up dates.  Do not send your child to school ill.  We ask only that you avoid late arrivals, doctor appointments and vacation days on the dates listed below:

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Public Issues and Opinion Writing

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We have combined our Opinion Writer’s Workshop with the Public Issues in Michigan social studies unit. We will be writing our opinion pieces as it relates to a public issue. Our discussions will include  public issues in Michigan, our responsibilities as citizens, and Core Democratic Values. There will be a test on Core Democratic Values in March (date to be announced as we get closer to finishing the unit). We are currently working on flashcards at school and a review will be sent home closer to the test date. If you want to begin reviewing the flashcards at home, please click on the picture below:


What are Public Issues?

  • Issues are things that people disagree about.
  • Public issues are issues that affect a large group of people such as school, community, or state.
  • Many times people disagree about how to settle, or resolve public issues.

Why do people disagree on public issues?

  • People have different points of view about public issues.
  • To understand an issue, you need to look at different points of view.
  • Disagreements about public issues are related to core democratic values.
  • Core democratic values are things people believe in that bring people together as Americans.
  • Some examples of core democratic values are freedom, fairness, and the common good.

Exploring a Public Issue Facing Michigan Citizens

  • One problem facing Michigan is our growing use of energy.
  • It is important to develop new sources of renewable energy to supply our energy needs.
  • Wind farms are a good source of clean, renewable energy.
  • Winds are often the strongest off the shorelines of the Great Lakes.
  • People disagree over whether or not to allow wind farms in the Great Lakes.

Evaluating Possible Resolutions of Public Issue Facing Michigan Citizens

  • People have different viewpoints about how to solve or settle a public issue.
  • Understand an issue, citizens need to look at different viewpoints about the issue.
  • Understand an issue, citizens also need to think about how core democratic values are connected to the issue.
  • When citizens understand an issue, they can make better decisions about how to solve the issue.
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